Which platform is better for listening to music, Spotify or Apple Music?

Advantages and disadvantages of listening to music on Spotify or Apple Music


For many internet users, Spotify is the leader and the benchmark when it comes to streaming music; This service has allowed many users to have a greater experience when listening to music.

  • Benefit

  1. The catalog that Spotify offers is wide and varied, even daily adds a large number of songs to its list, which you can transfer to your Apple Music account
  2. Easy to use and fun interface.
  3. This service can be compatible with various devices and platforms.
  4. With this application you can share music on Facebook.
  5. It's easy to make your own playlist.
  6. The app is updated frequently.
  7. You can follow the musicians and get notifications when they release a new song.
  8. It has excellent plans that fit the needs of all of its users.
  9. With Spotify Connect you can connect wireless speakers.
  10. Offers a free version to its users.
  11. You can access podcasts and upload your music
  • disadvantages

  1. Offers one month free trial.
  2. Her free version contains a large number of ads  which are annoying when listening to music, but it also has some limitations.
  3. He doesn't have a trunk of songs.
  4. This application does not offer exclusive content.
  5. It is not available in all countries for agreements with record companies.Which platform is better for listening to music, Spotify or Apple Music?


Apple Music

It is the music streaming service launched by the Bitten Apple company in 2015 and has been Spotify's main competitor.

  • Benefit

  1. Apple Music offers its users one 3 months free trial.
  2. The song catalog is wider than Spotify, and it is that Apple has taken steps to have in its repertoire more exclusive than other music applications.
  3. You can interact with musicians and artists ; Additionally, this platform allows you to view behind-the-scenes dedications and videos from your favorite artists.
  4. It integrates with the iTunes library.
  5. It has its own assistant (Siri) ; You ask him to find an artist or song and Siri will do it.
  6. The Apple Music-owned radio is based on an excellent playlist.
  7. Ha exclusive versions of some songs or artistic.
  8. There are several plans available.
  9. Apple Music supporta fillet AAC e Mp3s are of excellent quality.
  10. You can also use it on Android devices 
  11. Its curated content is exceptional.
  • disadvantages

  1. The experience of this app on Android is not very good.
  2. It doesn't work with older iPods.
  3. It does not have a free version.
  4. The family plans that Apple Music proposes are very complicated ; for example, all 6 users must be subscribed to the same credit card.


Which platform is better for listening to Spotify or Apple Music?

Spotify is king for many users; and this application was the first to establish itself on the market as the best music streaming service. However, since the launch of Apple Music, many users around the world have subscribed to this service.Which platform is better for listening to music, Spotify or Apple Music?

Ma Spotify has proven to be ideal for users who love to create, browse and share playlists; it is also a platform compatible with many devices.

Apple Music it's perfect for those users who love store your music in iTunes, who use Apple HomePod or who own an Apple device; as this platform offers great benefits to Apple users. For example, being able to listen to your favorite songs on your PC, through any browser. 

But the decision to choose which streaming platform is best must rest with each user; because Apple Music and Sofity each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Something that will help you make the best decision is making sure the app is available in your country, is compatible with your device, has budget plans that fit your pocket, and that the catalog it has is worth it.

It would also be useful if you use the free trial that each application offers to experience which platform meets all your expectations and needs. This way, when the trial period for both platforms ends, you will be sure which is the best.

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