Which platform is better Spotify or Amazon Music?

Advantages and disadvantages of using Spotify

You can be a user of this platform and have free access to all their music. Between advantages that we can find with Spotify we can quote:

  • You have full access to the music catalog, both in Premium and Free versions, from the web version or from the mobile and PC app.
  • You can create your own playlist
  • Create lists of » weekly discoveries "or" daily mixes " based on the music you are listening to.
  • You can create a playlist with your favorite songs, you just have to press on the heart when you listen to a song you like. This will also help Spotify search for songs similar to the ones you liked.
  • You can block the songs or artists you don't like, both in the Free and Premium version, to do so press on the circle with a horizontal line in the center when you hear a song or artist you don't like.
  • In the free version you can only do up to six jumps per hour and have advertisements every certain period of time.
  • In the Premium version you can skip as many songs as you want and you have no ads.
  • When a playlist starts in the free version, Spotify offers you to watch a " short video »To enjoy 30 minutes of ad-free music.
  • It has videos, podcasts, and lists created by other users and artists.

A little trick if you have the Free version: If you can't skip anymore, change your playlist and play it for a minute. Then go back to the playlist you were listening to previously. It's a good way to fool Spotify as another song will start playing when you get back.

Which platform is better Spotify or Amazon Music?

With Premium you can download music to your library to listen to it whenever you want with offline mode. This way you won't consume your mobile data or need internet access on your computer. Having a Premium account will depend on the service you want to hire. The current rates are:

  • 9,99 Euros per month for a single account
  • € 14,99 per month for a family plan. Includes up to six accounts
  • 4,99 Euros for a personal account for students.

The Spotify app is also heavily bought with the Apple Music app.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Amazon Music

It is an app that last time competed with Spotify. And that was to be expected. If you are a user Premium di Amazon Prime, you can unify all your accounts on this platform to be able to access your music for free.

However, this raises doubts among users, since it is not totally free. To access Amazon Prime Music, you need to pay for the Amazon Prime service in advance.

Among the advantages that Amazon Prime Music has we can find the following:

  • You can download the music in the app library to be able to listen to it in offline mode, so that it does not consume the data of your device.
  • You can turn off the shuffle mode of your playlists so that you can play them however you like.
  • It has forty hours of ad-free music a month. After that, your music will be interrupted by them.

The fees for this account depend on the chosen plan. Remember that you must also have Amazon Prime and for this you have to pay a monthly fee of 36 Euros per year:

  • 9,99 Euros is the monthly fee for an account
  • 99 euros for an annual personal account
  • € 14,99 per month for a family plan with up to six accounts.
  • 149 euros per year for a family account

Which platform is better Spotify or Amazon Music?

The big downside to Amazon is that you have access to a small part of its music catalog. We are talking about 2 million songs compared to the 50 million that his complete catalog has. To access its entire catalog, you need to go to Amazon Music Unlimited. It's your turn to decide for one!

In addition to these two services, there are many other equally good and free streaming music services.

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