Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

Social networks have undoubtedly had a significant impact on the world, since they have become a total viral power, today the use of these networks is necessary and indispensable, achieving greater comfort when communicating in a virtual way through our mobile phones and computers. Likewise, the number of users and social networks that exist to improve our life it is immense.

It is important to know the correct use, however avoid any kind of discomfort in use, some are obviously easier to handle than others, but nevertheless the functionalities are multiple and there is nothing that cannot be solved.

When we talk about social networks we refer to all those we use, which is why they exist within them privacy policies to make their use safer, providing us with the necessary aspects to make them work.

Depending on the functionality of each application or network, the types of users will depend, children, young people or adults, as each of these has different goals when he achieves them.

In this article we will tell you about Instagram followers. More specifically on the rematch of those accounts that have stopped following you. Read on and know all the details.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

Know the reasons that make you lose followers on Instagram

Time ago, loss of followers on Instagram was not very commonindeed it was very unusual. Today things have changed and this is more common than you think, because it happens to everyone; Or rather the majority of millions of Instagram users and even large accounts.

Don't be frustrated! Take it as a new opportunity to reevaluate your strategy and focus on which points you need to improve.

Remember that i followers are real people. Therefore, they have the power to stay or change their decision and stop following you, because they have changed their minds, they don't like what you offer or your content doesn't attract their attention, because their interests have changed.

Keep in mind that we are beings in constant change and growth. Therefore, you are not the same person as a few years ago, with the same interests. Here because Inflows and outflows from followers are normal.

If the follower losses are very high for several consecutive days, it is possible that an Instagram cleanup is carried out within your accounts, as they may be inactive or fake follower accounts.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

Likewise, when you get a specific audience that goes to your account because they like your content, they will be much more active and quality followers ; while followers leaving, it is because they are not engaged or interested in your content. Below we will explain the main reasons why you are losing followers on your Instagram account:

Don't interact:

One of the main reasons why many users lose followers on Instagram every day is because they don't interact.

It's clear that you shouldn't overwhelm your followers with numerous publications, but you shouldn't forget about it and post only from time to time; As this can negatively impact you. This negative impact results in the fact that your followers notice your inactivity in the account, they will think that you have abandoned it and this will be a reason to stop following you.

It is important to remember that Instagram bases its algorithm on interaction. Therefore, the more your followers engage in your posts, the more your visibility will expand.

Use of BOTs:

BOTs are ghost accounts, the so-called "tools for gaining followers and likes in a fictitious or artificial way". It is evident to know why instagram prohibits and persecutes them, since the their ethics is highly questionable and they are a big lie.

It is a quick way to increase the numbers, which in turn brings more disadvantages than advantages. That it is not known where the followers, views or likes come from, is the minimum; what you want is that the your company or your image have thousands of followers and even photos or stories. This results in a double standard in social networks which leads to the loss of followers.

While the use of BOTs is not illegal, it is important to note that they may cause problems for you on the social network. From something as simple as bot malfunctioning (making incorrect, out of context, or misspelled comments).

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

While this is not serious, gives a bad impression of your image or company, until Instagram realizes that you are using BOTs.

If the above happens, the most common thing is that it deletes the fake followers and likes that it detects and forces you to change your account password. And if you don't, you run the risk of your account being deleted.

If instagram discovers that the deception is big and serious, that you have been using BOTs for a long time or that you use many fake accounts; will close your account directly. Be a big tragedy if you have a business or are an influencer who has been trying to break through the platform for years.

You don't post correctly

Another reason you might lose followers is because you don't post correctly. This is due to a number of causes that need to be highlighted:

  • You may be posting too much. Post too much content (more than 5 or 7 times a day) makes your followers feel flooded; tired or tired of your excessive posting as being active doesn't mean you have to post 24 hours a day.
  • There are users who inadvertently post inconsistently. When making a publication, it must be clear who the audience is. This, because your publications must often adapt to their tastes or interests and not just what you want to project.
  • Other reasons could be that your content is of poor quality. Here because you have to invest enough time in creating content worth seeing, good resolution images, as aesthetics are highly appreciated in this application. Instagram is indisputably a visual platform, so the images you post are more important than any other content you want to spread.

Offensive or irrelevant content

Talking about offensive or irrelevant content is very subjective, since what may be offensive to some, to others not.

For example, there are people who love hip hop music, but there are others who don't. If what your audience is related to the example we give you, there they will be followers on your list who will love your content and they will enjoy seeing your publications; but surely there will be another group that doesn't, that has no interest in seeing what you share.

It is because of the above, that when you do any kind of posting, you have to take that into account it could be of interest to all or at least most of your followers. In addition to this, that your publication meets a number of requirements that fit into the ethical and moral values ​​of the company.

You don't use hashtags correctly

The purpose of hashtags is categorize content on social media. Some users are addicted to hashtags; Posts with too many hashtags are complex to read and make it difficult to categorize the message.

The fact of posting content and adding hashtags without connection with it, without relation or that has nothing in common with the post; should alone information to communities where your content is not of interest.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

Hashtags should be used wisely, creatively, and in order to locate your information to a community where it is important, useful and relevant.

Keep in mind that the hashtags are not phrases, it is not an option to create them excessively long, this exhausts the user's patience, they are not attractive to the eye; and more if all words are lowercase.

You have to be concise and clear with the information. A simple, concrete hashtag is easy to digest and will reach the audience of your choice much more easily. Always be clear that the use of the hashtag is to connect with potential customers, not to get likes from users who are strangers or simply not interested in your product or information.

Buy followers

Buying followers on instagram it has become very common. In recent years, Instagram users who want in this way to achieve better visibility or impact with potential customers.

More clearly, the instagram community rules detail and recommend avoiding the artificial augmentation of your profile and all that that entails; Don't offer or give money in exchange for likes and followers. As this will result in the platform itself making the decision to remove any content or information it deems to violate these rules.

Unquestionably, the Buying followers carries many risks and drawbacks, from stealing your account on a website where you will buy it; to steal your money and even have Instagram close your account, losing absolutely everything.

At the time of purchase, if they are fake followers, this will not result in likes, views or interactions; On the contrary, you could be another victim of some scam. It also adds to the fact that you will have a bad image; showing thousands of followers but little interaction, thus creating a lot of distrust.

Tricks to gain more followers on Instagram

In this post we have not only highlighted the main reasons why you lose followers on your Instagram account; but also, we want to give you some tricks that are essential so that you can increase that follower list in your account. Here we will indicate some of them:

Usa hashtag

Using hashtags correctly benefits you. With this, you get that when a user searches for that hashtag, the content you have created can appear.

The important is create it in a natural and organic way. Take your content theme as a starting point and then search for its keyword.

We do not recommend using such long hashtags, they should normally be short, simple and direct. In case you have to create them with more words, do not leave spaces because the social network will interpret the space after the first word as the end of the hashtag.

Be careful with spelling, this can be a fatal mistake in your hashtag, your audience or the audience it is aimed at will not be within your reach.

Between 3 and 4 hashtags is the most ideal for Instagram. Avoid putting more and remember to try to be original, because using hashtags that millions of people use reduces the chance that your publication will stand out from the others.

Communicate and participate

Communication and participation are two essential tools when looking for followers on your account; And it's not enough just to publish content and reappear at the same time, thinking that this will be enough to have conquered a large list of followers. But it is essential that you you post frequently and in turn participate in your account.

Posting quality content that grabs your audience's attention is essential. Content that in turn they encourage their participation; This can be achieved, for example, by asking questions in the captions and then replying to their comments.

Like photos of like-minded people or even making appropriate comments is another way to get involved; This will have an effect that is just as good for you or much better.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

Another way to encourage participation is through surveys through stories;  or even through contests that capture users' attention. You can also use the reel, IGTV and live stream.

We recommend that you take your time, work your way up a little at a time and redirect your strategies, always focusing on the quality of your profile; and transforming it into a completely organic and true profile. It will speak better of you, of your professionalism and will create trust in the users of this social network towards your profile; avoiding discrediting it and calling it fake.

Add interesting descriptions to photos

It is well said that "an image says more than words". This is what we see reflected on Instagram today, obviously the images on this social network are extremely important. But for this we must not forget the accompanying text, because it can help us make a difference.

While the photo is important, the caption or description adds value; so, it must be related to what you want to express in the image and serve to better understand the context.

Unlike other platforms, Instagram has a lot more space to write. The character limit is 2.200; But be clear, most followers will see two to three lines of text.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

Therefore, take as advice, catch your main idea in the first few lines or just don't mess with the text, because very few users will enter Instagram to read long paragraphs.

Remember not to overdo the hashtags and use them correctly. Place them at the end so as not to interfere with the message you want to convey.

If you like it, include emojis, this adds personality and fun to your captions; And take this space as a key point to create interaction, by inviting them to contests, asking questions to your followers or asking them to share your content and thus increase your profits.

Connect your account with other social networks

Another way to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account can be achieved by connecting your account to other social networks;  thus being able to share your publications with Facebook, Amoeba, twitter and others.

It is advisable that if you are present in other social networks, you use the same profile photo and if it is within your power, you use the same username; taking into account that it is a short and easy to remember username.

Take advantage of the bio text box, as it is extremely important, being the only one to allow the insertion of links;  This makes it much easier to spread your different social networks. Always remember to fill in any information regarding phone numbers, emails and addresses, this will help you when your customers want to contact you.

How to use Instagram professionally so as not to lose followers?

The ease of contacting you via a phone number or the DM makes your profile more attractive than other profiles with communication difficulties.

You have to be positive and publish content that is of interest and related to the goal you are looking for, don't make the mistake of always publishing the same ones, but innovate. Trying to post photos or videos of non-repetitive content is ideal, as long as you have an order in your feed.

Having a public Instagram profile, social media or personal blog takes a lot of time and dedication, you must have a perfectly clear image and in this way show the world who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve.

The design and style you have at the time of modification will speak a lot about you, aesthetics play a very important role within this topic, you have to offer users something creative and worth seeing.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

You have to keep a clear sequence of the content, so that it doesn't look messy, the use of hashtags has been a great evolution within the application, in this way you  allows you to reach more people's eyes.

Therefore, as we have already mentioned, our biggest advice is to focus on getting followers with the same theme or content ; And so you don't worry about a few simple passers-by on your instagram profile.

In this way, you focus on improving your content, transforming them into valuable content, quality and new to your followers; giving growth to your profile, placing it among the best and thus recruiting new followers.

Instagram and its main functions

Its features are many and it is good to know them thoroughly to explore them, mainly it allows image editing within it, in a sharp and clear way with a variety of cool effects you can use at your convenience.

Its use is simple, allowing you to get images with professional or artistic touches, being able to create higher quality content.

It allows you also to play with the different image size formats, which will help you to obtain a maximum resolution and therefore to optimize the result; all depending on the format of the photograph. At the same time, it allows different file types like.jpg and.png.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

It offers you the possibility to add videos both to the gallery and to our stories, quickly and easily, you just have to click on the camera and choose a video that you have already archived or you can just record one in real time. Initially it allowed videos of 15 seconds, but with the new update it can be done for 45 seconds more, which is a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

Today, videos have gained a strong acceptance among users, so we recommend that you offer useful and quality content.

Without a doubt, the Instagram Stories are the news, it involves uploading an image or a video lasting 24 hours, which is then deleted automatically or if you decide to do it first you can also do it. Likewise you can choose who will see your story, being one of the great advantages and functions.

Comments are not allowed in Stories so far, but you can send private messages. Furthermore, you can see who has played or seen your publication, since every person who sees it is registered as a spectator.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - Tricks to gain more followers

As for the live instagram, it is available through the stories; admitting to share a video in real time and once finished, the video will no longer be visible on instagram.

Instagram has a tool called boomerang through the stories feature, which makes you capture moments in a different way; with a succession of images that goes back and forth, taking into account that being like a kind of burst of photos, this one will have no sound.

As for instagram albums, it allows you to publish 10 photos in the same publication; where you can include videos, a fairly simple but very useful tool.

In the same way, has a chat included to interact quickly with other users, inside we have a large variety of gifs and emojis to share easily.

Thanks to all these functions mentioned above, practical, simple and easy to reach; There is no doubt that this powerful platform can become your great ally in achieving your success.

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