Why can my Instagram account be disabled or blocked and how can I recover it?

Blocking an Instagram account is a topic that is becoming more and more known, millions of users use this platform as a social network to share content freely, and many of them remain blocked or disabled for various reasons.

If you want to know the cause of the reason to which Instagram can disable or block your account, so that you know what not to do and how to recover it in case of a block, this article is special for you, we will tell you how to recover blocked accounts.

Why can my Instagram account be disabled or blocked?

There are two types of blocks in this social network, what a user does from their profile to not see yours, without hurting you in the least; and the block made or carried out by Instagram. In this post we will talk about the second block.

Instagram ITA can block or disable the our account whenever he wants, but of course he looks for reasons. These are stipulated in the beginning when an account is created and the conditions and services established by Instagram are accepted.

Among the conditions of Instagram there are many prohibitions regarding the contents that are shared, users accepting them should respect them; In the event of non-compliance, Instagram can appeal against a block.

The banned content to upload is very varied, but normally it has to do with violence, offense, self-harm and encouragement, content sexual or pornographic e publication of copyrighted content. 

Why can my Instagram account be disabled or blocked and how can I recover it?

You may have violated Instagram law or performed one of the reasons given in the previous section, and thereby generate a conflict with another user, which is why you have the right to report the your account for a possible block.

How to recover my blocked or disabled Instagram account?

Since a person may request the blocking of another user through a lawsuit and then have that third party blocked or disabled in your account, Instagram offers the possibility to "apologize" and explain their version of the reason why you are being sued.

If you have been blocked for any reason that involves a third party request and you know that this is an unfair reason, why you have not violated the law of Instagram, you can fill out a form that they make available to you so that you can give explanations

Maybe later, you'll get a response, asking for a verification of your details to return the account. But it is only in this case.

Now if you've been blocked for hacking the reads of Instagram, no matter how much you explain to yourself, you sorry or swear to delete or delete your Instagram photos or content of an illicit nature, Instagram will not return your account and you will have to permanently forget from her.

This is why many users are not discovered unexpectedly and therefore change their profile or page from public to private, so that they have less chance of being blocked by a third party request. If you think you can and can't, don't worry, fixing it is a very simple process.

What should I do so that my Instagram account is not blocked or disabled?

If your account has already been blocked or disabled for one of the reasons given and it has been returned to you, you must now be very aware of the content you post, as well as what you can comment on.

Why can my Instagram account be disabled or blocked and how can I recover it?

Instagram usually doesn't forgive twice and if your new fault occurs for a reason similar to the previous one, the most likely thing is that you will have to give up your account when it is blocked again.

If Instagram was able to disable or block your account once, you can be sure it won't have a problem doing it again.

You must only respect the law of Instagram, do not share violent, offensive, pornographic content or anything that may incite disorder and discord among other users.

It's that simple, behaving as a healthy, responsible and productive user has no trouble understanding. And that's what Instagram wants.

If you don't want to be blocked or disabled, read carefully the conditions and services that Instagram determines when you create an account and do not leave.

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