Why can't I install Discord or download Discord or uninstall Discord?

It adds to other inconveniences like "Discord doesn't recognize my microphone" or "because I don't listen on Discord nor can I be heard".

Some problems occur on Android and iOS mobile devices, but errors generally occur on PC. That is why I am going to teach you how to fix these types of problems so that they never show up again and you can enjoy this excellent application.

Problem installing Discord

Sometimes Discord can have issues where it won't let you install Discord, download Discord, or uninstall it. In this case we are presenting the problem which does not allow you to install Discord, by mistake or because the application executable simply does not start.

To resolve these types of errors where Discord cannot be installed, you need to do the following:

  • First you have to close the Discord program which is usually found in the » Task Manager «.
  • To do this, you can right-click on the taskbar, a small window will appear and you have to select the option » Activity management «.
  • Now in the card » Processes »Discord application should appear. If not, you should select the tab " Details »And search for Discord.
  • In the option » Processes «, You just have to right click on Discord and select» End activity ". In the case of the card » Details ", You must select Discord in the same way and select" Finish the process tree «.


Why can't I install Discord or download Discord or uninstall Discord?

Now all that remains is to do again the installation from your program setup, so that it restarts the application and can run the installation.

In this way you will be able to solve the problem to be able to install Discord without any kind of failure.

I can't download Discord

Another problem where Discord does not allow you to install, download or uninstall is in this case the latter, as I have already taught you how to fix the installation problem.

When these types of failures occur on any device, you should know that not a problem with Discord but with the platform you are using to download it.

When you have problems downloading Discord, you should fix them in the following way. If it is through the computer, you need to download from the official website of the application.

If the error is present in your iOs device then you advice di restart your device, as you may experience network errors, is resolved by restarting the device.

If your problem is with Android, you should do the same with iOs, the other advantage is that you can download the APK from another website and install it on your device.

Problems uninstalling Discord

Another problem that Discord can present is when uninstalling the application.


Why can't I install Discord or download Discord or uninstall Discord?

This kind of problem does check alone in the PC application, since on mobile devices there are no problems to uninstall the application. Sometimes the error that occurs while downloading Discord is due to the fact that the application is still open in the task manager.

Something very similar to solving the problem to install Discord. For this reason it is necessary to perform the same procedure as " Finish the activity »Or» Finish the process tree » on Discord.

And after carrying out this process, the uninstallation can be done via the » Control Panel ", Therefore in" Programs and features ". A new window with applications will appear, select Discord and select the option » Uninstall " And that's it.

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