Why can't I turn on my camera on HouseParty?

The purpose of this application is to maintain the bonds between people with a communication link supported by a simple but very efficient interface.

Although there are many applications of this style that include instant messaging, Houseparty differs in being one multipurpose platform, where also the limit number of people in a video call is eight people. With this application, no one can be excluded from a great chat in the company of loved ones, always keeping in mind the safety that the user needs.

However, with this application, an extensive series of errors may occur, of which we will teach you how to fix it here.

Why can't I turn on my camera on HouseParty?

What are the advantages of video calling within Houseparty?

It is a very simple application to use, in general its operation is basic and does not require any kind of complicated access. At its basic level, it offers its users direct access which helps to promote several promotions and functionality.

With the push of a button, you will be able to use any of its features, as well as include more than 8 people in a video call by simply pressing the button » more ". Likewise House party, allows you to send common text messages as if it were the WhatsApp or Telegram system.

How to make group video calls on Houseparty

Just as installing this program is quite simple, so is the way you can develop and use its tools.

To be able to access a group video call within the application, it will be sufficient for each of the participants to have the application installed, access to a camera from their Android device or iOS or even from your computer, so that fun. If you want to start a video call with your group of friends, you just need to perform the following steps:

  1. To get started, you need to inform your friends that they will an activity within the application. For this, it needs to be installed on all devices without exception.
  2. Start by starting a video call with any of the participants and once the video and audio are installed, the others will be able to see a special green button with the word " merge »Reflected on their mobile devices.
  3. Once that's done, everyone will be in the conversation and can start chatting nonstop.
  4. Once the time comes when you don't want anyone else to enter yours chat room, all you have to do is press the button with a padlock, so that the room is closed and no one else can enter.
  5. You may encounter problems with the video audio within the broadcast while using the application.
  6. This usually happens because not all permissions have been granted for the broadcast. For this you just have to enter the application settings and check that the permissions for both audio and video are green.

Why can't I turn on my camera on HouseParty?

What are the additional uses of Houseparty?

Sending Text Messages: This is one of the most acclaimed tools to go to those who are regular users of the application. This function consists of a small button with the icon of un airplane, which gives you the username of each of the people you have in your contacts in the app. Once pressed, a “Pass a note” option will appear with which you can immediately send a text message to this person.

Sending video messages: In the same way that text messages are sent, we can use the same tool to send. This is an excellent communication tool with little or no errors, which works for connect people.

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