Why did DiDi charge me 99 pesos? - The answer

Charge when registering your debit or credit card in DiDi

  • Before you can take advantage of the exclusive DIDI service, you need to follow a series of simple steps. Notable among which is providing personal information and information relating to your debit and credit cards such as forms of payment.
  • In this process, DIDI warns you that when you enter your card details as a form of payment, you will be charged 99 pesos which will then be refunded to your account. In some cases the refund is almost immediate, while in other cases it may take hours. However, the private company DIDI will always guarantee full refund.

Do you know how the DiDi payment fee works?

Il payment of the fee of the magnificent company is very simple, as it is avails itself of unprecedented technological support. Its operation can be easily summarized in three phases:

  • When you consult any type of transfer that you are interested in or that you need to make, DIDI will indicate an approximate value for the selected route.
  • The rate will be adjusted in real time in based on its incredible platform in minutes and kilometers traveled.
  • Finally, the final fare will be confirmed at the end of the trip you previously requested. This rate represents the total cost of your transfer, here they won't charge you more than 99 pesos.

Why did DiDi charge me 99 pesos? - The answer

It should be noted that the DIDI company offers customer service by phone. Without a doubt, an advantage that other similar companies currently do not offer.

Later when you call you will be very kindly assisted by an operator of that company, who will give you the best possible help. This operator will receive your report by making the relevant report or will simply guide you in the possible solutions based on your doubts presented.

Discount coupons offered by the DiDi platform

Without a doubt, an extraordinary market proposition is what DIDI offers its customers. Since it offers coupons overtime that you can use on future trips. The private transport company DIDI knows how to hook up its customers.

Your coupons in general can be offered in a number of ways. Such as in the holiday periods, when making the first trip, on the dates of the anniversary or in the kilometers traveled in the various trips.

The variety of coupons you can take advantage of is very diverse. Ranging from discount percentages on future trips, or fixed rates that will be discounted when you make your transfers. Also, you can refer your friends or people you want and you can also acquire discount coupons for your future transfers, just wonderful.

Why did DiDi charge me 99 pesos? - The answer

Go ahead and use this impressive private transportation system, for your total comfort and safety wherever you go. You have several alternatives, if you have an android device, please feel free to enter the following link so that you can get the DIDI application for free. If you are one of those who have a iPhone, don't worry, in the Apple AppStore you can also access this application.

Do not forget to visit our site so that you continue to learn more about this and other applications that facilitate many activities.

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