Why does my BGH Smart TV (bl3209s, ble3215d, bl3211d, bl3210d) not turn on, it remains only in Standby?

Having an electronic device that allows you to enjoy varied programming in clear images and colors from the comfort of your home is everyone's dream. And precisely in the world of technology, the technicians and systems engineers of large television companies use their creativity to develop increasingly innovative devices.

Not only do mobile devices have a range of advanced technology that makes them smart thanks to the diversity of functions it has. Furthermore, these devices can also include televisions which have been designed with the most advanced technology on the market.

However, you are not always lucky when shopping as it is more common than it seems i more modern models of Smart TV suddenly do not turn on and remain in standby. This article will answer this and other questions, so we recommend that you read it carefully and put the advice it provides into practice.

Advanced Smart TV technology

currently the Smart TV  they are a device that has revolutionized the digital industry and the consumer society. But what makes them so attractive? the very technology on which they were designed. Not only does it project crisp color images, it also has the ability to host any type of streaming service such as Hulu's.

Why does my BGH Smart TV (bl3209s, ble3215d, bl3211d, bl3210d) not turn on, it remains only in Standby?

In addition, it has the particularity that the consumer can have access to the Internet, because this type of television has software and a Wi-Fi system to which can be connected and then browse the web and download applications.

It allows you to project videos, games, films and makes a variety of digital content available to the user. Smart TVs use a new technology called OLED which allows to produce an image caused by a series of electromagnetic stimuli that determine the desired light in each pixel.

It is important to note that the acquisition of this type of innovative device is excellent, but like everything else it can fail in its operation. If this happens, it is recommended that you do the following.

What to do to solve the Standby problem on the Smart TV?

There are many brands and models of Smart TV, but today we will talk specifically about serie BGH bl3209s, ble3215d, bl3211d, bl3210d as it may happen that it does not turn on or stays in standby or standby mode for a long time.

Why does my BGH Smart TV (bl3209s, ble3215d, bl3211d, bl3210d) not turn on, it remains only in Standby?

If when you connect the Smart TV to the power outlet, you observe that the light it emits remains blue, preventing the screen from turning on and you cannot enjoy the entertainment, here is the solution.

Many times it is due to a problem with the Smart TV software, but more often than not perhaps the problem lies in the resistance. Therefore, it is very important that those who buy a Smart TV and have malfunctions try several things that are recommended in these cases.

First it is suggested to disconnect the interlock board from the power source, so you can measure the volts. For this, a recommended resistance of 10k should be used, creating a junction at the outputs. This will check the operation of the equipment and the power lights may change color.

If the problem persists, yes recommends testing the volts and replacing the electrolytic ones as well. For a better repair of the Smart TV, it is convenient to follow the diagram or the technical assistance manual of these devices to know how to remedy the fault and obtain the correct operation of the equipment.

In every home in the world, many prefer the design and innovation offered da Smart TV for its particularity of Internet access and use of content from streaming platforms, so we hope that your problem will be solved with the advice of this fantastic article. In any case, it is always advisable to contact a technician specialized in these devices to avoid further breakdowns.

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