Why does my mobile suddenly turn off if it has a new battery? - Solution

Over the years, it is normal for our beloved cell phone or smartphone to start to suffer breakdowns that make us uncomfortable while using it. Some of the most common failures are undoubtedly due to cell phone battery problems, something that in many cases has a solution. If you've brought your phone in for repair and it's still failing, we show you today because your mobile only turns off suddenly if it has a new battery.

There is no doubt that this type of problem can be very annoying, especially if we have to use our smartphone for long periods of time. But everything in this world has a solution, so besides showing you the reason for this problem, we will provide you also practical solutions which can be very useful.

Why does my mobile turn off if it has a new battery?

When we buy our smartphone or mobile phone, there are a lot of expectations we have. For example, many of us wish we could use it for many years and that it continues to be as useful as it did in the beginning, but the truth is that the cell phone will suffer damage. in time, causing troublesome breakdowns.

In fact, we may need to purchase new parts from you, such as a battery. By purchasing them we would expect the mobile to work perfectly, but sometimes this does not happen. What can we do in these cases? To the knowledge that our battery is damaged and we buy a new one, common failures can still arise, such that the cell suddenly switches off.

Why does my mobile suddenly turn off if it has a new battery? - Solution

First of all, you need to know why this happens to find an effective solution to the problem. The first reason is that the battery, although new, may have some manufacturing defects that do not allow it to function. On the other hand, the cell itself might have a issue affecting battery life.

It is also possible that there are apps that prevent you from saving battery on your mobile. For example, you may have a lot of apps running in the background or running covertly, which completely drains battery life. If the battery bar jumps and suddenly changes in amount, the battery may not be calibrated. One cause of this type of problem is bad charging and usage habits that can affect the life of the mobile phone.

What to do to prevent a cell phone from turning off by itself?

If you have verified that the above mentioned problems are the cause of the cell battery failures, you can try to follow the advice we will give you below. It's quite possible to fix a device that won't charge or turn on, you just need to keep a few things in mind.

For example, it is worth mentioning that there are apps that allow us to greatly optimize the life of our battery and close background apps. These can help us extend the life of our battery.

If the battery has not been calibrated, you can try to calibrate it. What this process does is erase all the erroneous data that the mobile saves on the battery. If your device is rooted, you can use any app with the calibration function between those available in any app store. Now, if your mobile is not rooted, the steps to calibrate its battery are:

  • Wait for the phone to turn off by itself and make sure it is out of battery.

Why does my mobile suddenly turn off if it has a new battery? - Solution

  • When it is off charge it 100% without interruption and if it discharges a little when you turn it on, recharge it to 100%.
  • Please use it again until it runs out of battery or turns off by itself.
  • Once again let it charge 100%.

This should leave the battery calibrated, although the process can vary from device to device. If you do all of this and it doesn't work, we recommend that you take your cell phone to a technician who can help you solve any problem. It is now also possible to deflate a cell phone battery, so if that's your problem you don't lose anything when you try. 

We encourage you to follow the steps we have provided for you in this article and we hope you can find the solution to your annoying mobile phone problems.

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