Why does Spotify stop when I lock the screen?

This can be due to many reasons, which may vary depending on the phone model. So one person's solution with Xiaomi will not be the same as one with native Android and its features.

This is a recurring theme in the Spotify community, so this little explanatory text tries to clarify this problem and find a possible solution.

Possible reasons why Spotify stops when it locks the screen

Many times, phones, depending on the brand or model of the battery, have a setting of energy saving which performs some actions in the background.

These can override certain functions, such as brightness at certain times of the day or the announcement of notifications or incoming messages.

By doing this, it is also capable of killing or stopping the applications that are running on background, as does Spotify, which plays music while doing other activities.

That's why, being activated and configured in some way, it is possible that, in an attempt to further optimize the battery during inactivity, it will stop the application to realize it.

This of it is usually very common in android versions like 6.0, in which the power saving mode is quite aggressive and does not even allow the simultaneous use of applications.

Why does Spotify stop when I lock the screen?

In this list are all the applications that will stop long after being minimized or when you turn off the screen, which it could be a reason why Spotify stops when it blocks it.

In addition, there is a tool in Android mobile phones called " Use of data «, In it you can see the amount of data they consume at the primary and secondary level.

This also allows you to adjust so that it does not consume data while you are not inside the application, which can be set in both Wi-Fi mode and for mobile data.

Possible solutions for Spotify problem

As mentioned, each device is different depending on the brand, but they retain some similarities as well the shortcuts are technically the same if they use Android.

For this reason the native system developed by Google will be taken as a reference to try to give a series of solutions that eventually solve the problem.

Energy saving plan

Many mobiles are equipped with saving mode activated by default, in the case of some Android versions their plans are quite aggressive and it is advisable to disable them.

In others, it is easier to manage the savings that are given to each application in a timely manner, from the battery section which is shown in the configuration section.

Entering it you can find various general power settings, but in the menu located at the top right, there is an option called " Battery optimization «.

Why does Spotify stop when I lock the screen?

In this there is a list that shows all the apps that are installed or that are native on the computer, where you can choose which one you want to optimize and which one you don't.

If the music application is present and this setting is activated, it could be the reason why Spotify crashes when you lock the screen.

Enable background data usage

If you disable power optimization or otherwise the problem persists, the reason is likely to be the consumption of the application in the background.

This method is infallible, and is obtained by accessing the section " Internet and networks »Found in the smartphone settings menu.

In it, you have to enter the section " Use of Wi-Fi data «, Search for Spotify and press it. There you can see a slide button, which must be active to perform functions in the background.

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