Why does UBER charge me in dollars and not my currency?

Uber carries out its service with independent cars in the countries where it carries out its work. Thanks to his growth, Uber reaches Latin America . While this company's presence in Latin America is very successful, it has experienced many setbacks related to the collection of the service and its billing rates.

So, because the charge is presented in the local currency of the country and when viewing the service billing, is in dollars ? Here we explain.

How UBER charges for the service

In the app customers subscribe, this allows you to add credits to your UBER bill. It can be paid for using a credit card , so that the collection of invoices is automatic.

Of course, your debit or credit card must be affiliated; then payments are automatically debited, which allows you to use the service regularly, making travel easier and faster.

In Uber Cash, which is a digital wallet, on the other hand, you can load credits and thus obtain discounts; as well as planning your financial status, based on the expense you will make in terms of transportation.

Why does UBER charge me in dollars and not my currency?

Funding can be done in any aspect of the payment, be it debit, credit and PayPal cards. Addition of funds in the points of sale.

Also, with Uber Cash you can get credits; through the uber Rewards system, gift cards and customer support. The use of this digital wallet can save you up to 5% when you buy credit in advance to pay for your travels.

Uber fees

UBER offers different fares. There standard rate, the whose cost is based on time and distance, all based on the service chosen. Information of this fare can be provided in the application when fast or early travel is required.

On the contrary, the dynamic rate is subject to the increase in Uber users; as higher prices are used in some parts; thus generating more drivers to move around the area and thus being able to provide the comfort and speed that users need.

Why does Uber charge in dollars and not the local currency?

As has been said, UBER is an application that operates directly outside the countries of Latin America; Therefore, the charges established on the credit card are reflected in the local currency; But the local financial system makes the exchange in dollars , then banks apply conversion rates for the currency for international use.

This conversion is done based on the rate you have been charged; Local and international currency conversion fees that are not reflected in the application or report sent to Uber.

Something important is to know that bank and credit card franchise policies generate these charges in the local currency, but do not enter the credit card world ; since it is the bank itself that analyzes that it is an international transaction.

Why does UBER charge me in dollars and not my currency?

Of course, any company that provides its international services puts prices in the local currency as a reference, and then do the conversion . Visa and MasterCard credit cards can be associated with the UBER app; When they are subscribers, they pay the company in dollars; to be able to buy the currency of that country, from where it has the main franchise.

In conclusion, the collection of these travel fares made by the Uber company which are reflected in the local currency is for reference only; as credit cards are charged in dollars . Well, the currency that is managed for Uber's maintenance is the dollar, highlighting that its main office is in the United States.

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