Why doesn't DIDI accept my credit card?

It is a stiff competition for other applications, since it is possible to plan a trip in DiDi quickly and easily, in addition to its highly competitive prices . However, sometimes problems can occur when processing a payment; for example, that DiDi does not accept your credit card; Why does this happen? Here we explain it to you.

Its lower cost in the base rate, rate per kilometer, rate per minute and in the lowest rate, has done gain ground a Didi in the transport market ; not only for customers, but also for taxis, thanks to the percentage that DiDi charges the drivers for each trip.

Knowing how DiDi Pasajero works is very simple; It is easy to use and allows you to pay with cards of credit Visa or Mastercard. And in some cities, you might even pay cash.

Possible because DIDI does not accept your credit card

Paying a customer at the end of the trip is generally a convenient and immediate procedure ; but if for some reason the application does not accept it, there are details that need to be taken into consideration, as they are definitely the reason for the failure that generated the error notification in the Didi application.

The first thing to do is to check if the number entered by card was entered correctly ; usually a number is repeated by mistake or exchanged with another neighbor without realizing it. Sometimes this main cause of errors when making payment.

The most common problems in these cases are the following:

  1. The letter does not have sufficient balance for payment.
  2. The card expiration date has expired.
  3. The credit card is not authorized for online transactions or for international transactions (if you are abroad).
  4. Il monthly limit for purchases with monthly credit has been exceeded.

Why doesn't DIDI accept my credit card?

How can the non-payment in DIDI be finalized? 

If you have more than one credit card, the quick fix is ​​to add a new one card of credit to be able to pay for the trip; replacing the previous one with a card that has a sufficient balance to complete said payment, and which obviously said credit card is current and active.

If there is no other card, the first thing to do is contact the bank who issued a credit card to inform you of the incident, and request an increase in the ceiling or an emergency advance; For this you must have your bank details, the amount of the trip, as well as the date and time of the trip, so that the bank can identify the transaction.

Keep in mind that while you travel without paying, don't you can request a new trip in the credit card payment option; You will only have cash payment available in your application, as long as this payment method is available in your city. Reason why it is convenient to resolve the pending payment as soon as possible.

After the issuer has notified this approval, you need to log into the Didi application and search for payment options for the outstanding amount of the last trip to be able to select the credit card on which the pending transaction will be carried out; don't forget that your credit card must have sufficient balance.

Why doesn't DIDI accept my credit card?

Other additional recommendations

It is also valid to enter another VISA or Mastercard prepaid card as a payment method ; that you can top up with money from your current account; This is an option that you may or may not have available in the country where you reside (for example, there is a prepaid Visa card called Match in Chile).

If despite everything the problem persists, it is good contact the Didi Support Center , to exclude any errors or malfunctions of the platform; is available anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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