Why don't UBER and UBER EATS make me pay in cash?

What to do if UBER does not allow you to pay in cash?

The first thing you should do is add the payment methods and make sure you add the cash payment, if not, you need to add it as a digital method to your account, this case also applies if you have added the credit card; Once you have checked and added it, go to the menu located at the top of the left side.

Go to the payment tab and when you are there select cash payment; Then select where your current location is and the destination you want to reach, and when your journey is over, pay the driver for the amount reflected in the screen application. 

Why don't UBER and UBER EATS make me pay in cash?

What is UBER EATS and how can I pay for it in cash?

UBER is progressing more and more with innovative platforms that make your life easier, as is the case with UBER EATS; Now, you may be wondering how exactly this works and if this method allows you to pay in cash; then we will help you dispel your doubts.

UBER EATS is a platform for contacting companies that provide delivery services of food at home. Connects you to a variety of local restaurants that leave a profit percentage to UBER EATS; You might want to eat something delicious, because that's it, you have it just a click away. 

Having already added your address on UBER EATS, everything is easier, since only you can decide how, when and what to eat, as well as the payment method that suits you best; We just remind you to keep in mind that if you want to make a payment in cash it must not exceed $ 280;  This measure is taken for the safety of the driver or courier. 

To pay in cash, just enter your profile in the UBER EATS app and go to the bottom right; then in the form where it says payment, select the cash payment method; then proceed by choosing what you want to eat from the menu and have it taken home or to the office.

When your order arrives, pay the retailer the cash amount indicated on the application screen; As a last resort, we suggest you pay the exact amount to be paid, in order to speed up the delivery of the order.

Now, if you don't have the change, be sure to let the courier know, by phone call or text message; so he can know how much to take to change you. 

Why don't UBER and UBER EATS make me pay in cash?

Advantages of paying in cash at UBER EATS

When you pay in cash, you take advantage of it, since it is not necessary to have an account associate or bank card to place your orders; as many users prefer to make their purchases in cash rather than entering their bank details in mobile applications. 

Benefit also restaurants, as it means a new network of diners, using this payment method and as it generates more deliveries, it provides jobs for those who do deliveries in UBER EATS, which means more profits.

Have you seen how easily and quickly you can settle your cash payment, with just a verification of your associated accounts; and how, when you make cash payments, you not only simplify your life, but also the courier and restaurants.

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