Why is DIDI so cheap? What's your trick?

And one of the most interesting things are its rates; So why is DIDI so cheap? Follow us and find out.

Through the app, driving companions can communicate with users, they are also guided by a GPS ; This company was created in 2012 from the merger of 2 companies, such as Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, with the support of another 2 called Tencent and Alibaba, known for their good reputation through the Internet; The company is currently headquartered in Beijing.

How does the user contact the DIDI driver?

The first thing we need to do is download the app on a smartphone. Knowing how DiDi Pasajero works is very simple, once opened you position the service you need, indicating both the place where they should pick you up and the destination; An important piece of information is that you have the option to save the places you go to frequently in the application.

Then they will assign you to the driver closest to your departure point, they will give you all information regarding the driver and the car , as well as the approximate time needed to arrive, depending on the traffic at that time. Furthermore, you must indicate the type of payment you are going to make, that is, if it is by credit or debit card. In some countries it is not possible to pay in cash, so check if this option is available in your area.  

Why is DIDI so cheap? What's your trick?

What advantages does the DIDI company offer in relation to security for users?

You may be wondering how safe DiDi is for travel. Well, we remind you that passengers have a telephone service available 7 days a week and 7 hours a day for complaints, notification of lost objects or dangerous situations.

With the DIDI Rescue option, in fact, the passenger can communicate with the police, both on its own behalf and on behalf of the company; They also have a communication messenger between the driver and the passenger and, if you are in China, an English-Chinese translator.

Another option it offers is to be able to share travel information with 5 of the passengers' emergency contacts, their position relative to the journey they are making at that moment; thus giving a vote of greater security for the user; also, the drivers are monitored by GPS connected to the company's Security Service, to prevent any eventuality.

Why is it cheaper to travel with DIDI than with the competition? What's your trick?

The company offers higher bonuses and discounts and very interesting; for users up to 50% and for drivers a bonus for entering the company; furthermore, it will only charge 10% of the fare on each journey made by a passenger, while the competition charges 25%.

It is evident that they offer their transport service in places where they can observe that it is insufficient for the taxi population and based on this they make the first attempts; Also, the telephone service 24 hours a day and throughout the week, allows you to listen to the needs of users and to carry out a sort of market study, improving your service more and more.

Why is DIDI so cheap? What's your trick?

Finally, the DIDI company has more and more affiliated drivers, as well as an increasing number of users; because comparing the prices with its biggest competitor, they are cheaper ; on the other hand, its safety system offers users greater confidence, as its drivers go through an important selection system and have good accident prevention.

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