Why is Google Stadia worth it

In addition to mobile technology, many of us are big fans of video games and we love to follow the news of the latest consoles and games on the market, like the future Final Fantasy XVI which will arrive in 2022.

By looking at the current market, we verify that in fact they are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to dominate. However, there are more and more participants in this work and it is that the Internet and the cloud have made it easier for other companies to access.

Why is Google Stadia worth it

Google Stadia, a service you must try if you like video games.

Google is one of them - even if we can't forget Amazon and Luna -. At the end of 2019 it launched Stadia, its streaming video game platform which, although it has not been without controversy due to a somewhat narrow catalog, is now a fairly mature service and with a player base that is much older with each passing day.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of ignorance around Google Stadia. It's also true that Google's marketing department didn't do its job properly, but let's be honest. Stadia as a video game platform is worth a lot. The reasons? Well, honestly, there are quite a few.

It is an economic platform

Unlike other conventional platforms, Google Stadia does not require specific hardware to enjoy it. This means that we not only save space (to put the PS5 in the living room we need a large cabinet) but we also save by buying / renewing consoles every X times.

Ok, to enjoy the best quality you need a Chromecast but it is not mandatory as we can use Stadia from any computer or smartphone. Now, even by purchasing a Google Stadia package on the Google website (includes remote control and Chromecast Ultra), it is much cheaper than any other current console on the market.

No patches, no updates… no waiting time

Why is Google Stadia worth it

Google Stadia your Chromecast with Google TV.

Google Stadia is the ideal platform for many users, especially for all of us who we have little time to devote to our favorite hobby.

Imagine the scene. We returned home after a hard day at work. We have little free time and want to play a quick game. We sit down, turn on the console, sit on the sofa and ... patch for updates! Farewell to the possibility of being able to spoil yourself for a while.

The good thing about the cloud and Google Stadia is that there are no updates, patches, and long wait times. He turns on, chooses the game and has fun. The updates are immediate and are made on Google's servers, so we don't discover anything at all.

It works really well

Why is Google Stadia worth it

Google Stadia still has a lot of room for improvement but it works really well

There are few users who deny the game in the cloud claiming lag, frame drop and similar reasons. Interestingly, many of you criticize the cloud and Stadia No' will not even tried.

Google Stadia as a service delivers outstanding performance. With a normal fiber connection, the difference between streaming and local gaming is negligible. In my particular case, I play via Wi-Fi connection with the TV 3 meters from the router and I get the highest possible picture quality. There's also the option to connect the ethernet cable to the Chromecast itself, in case you want even more stability.

So no, no one tries to sell you the bike that Google Stadia is overdue. What's more, try it for yourself. You just have to create an account with your Gmail email and try some of the free demos or games that Google offers us. This way you can draw your own conclusions from the service.

A growing and better quality catalog

Why is Google Stadia worth it

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is one of the funniest titles on Stadia

As we said before, one of the negative points of the Google service is its catalog. The truth is that it is not up to standard consoles but it is also true that we are facing a service with a year and a half of life ahead.

However, the current Google Stadia catalog is enough for any video game enthusiast. Of course we won't find Sony exclusives, but more and more well-known companies are betting on the Mountain View kids platform.

So, for example, we have big productions like Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA 21 o Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

You can enjoy Stadia on multiple devices

One of the advantages of Stadia is being able to enjoy our games anywhere. Imagine playing FIFA on television and our partner comes and wants to see a series. Instead of arguing or quitting the game, we just have to turn on our computer or mobile and log in to Stadia. As if it were magic, we will start the game the same moment we leave it, all instantly.

It is clear that this is one of the biggest advantages of cloud gaming and that is that Stadia allows us to play anywhere as long as we have an internet connection, without having to buy consoles and without having to install anything. Quick and easy.

Despite all of this, Google Stadia isn't perfect. It is still a young service with a lot of room for maneuver and although we all know Google and its ability nothing to properly promote its applications - much has to learn from Apple in this regard - there is no doubt that we have had Stadia for years and this is cloud gaming is the future. This is just the beginning.

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