Why is my computer overheating and shutting down? - Solution

A computer, which suffers from some sort of overheating, generally runs slowly and causes discomfort to the user. Within this post we want to expose you various solutions, which will help you to update your PC or, failing that, to avoid such situations.

However, keep in mind that the recommendations we place here are more strongly oriented to stationary equipment and some others can be adapted to laptop.

Why is my computer overheating and shutting down? - Solution

Try using your computer in a ventilated space

This is one of the main tips when you do use a PC, be it a desktop or a laptop, as this prevents it from overheating, however, take into account the following tips, which will help you:

  • Make sure there is one free space around the PC case, at least 10 cm, especially on the back, as this is where the power supply is usually located. Likewise, it is important to leave a small space between the sides, as this way all the air can circulate well in case your PC has two fans.
  • You can also prove that your PC case is not inside a cabinet, as this will take up space for the ventilation work naturally.
  • If you have a laptop, try as much as possible not to use it on your lap.

Why is my computer overheating and shutting down? - Solution

Dust could clog your gear

One of the main factors of a PC that gets hot is that it has a large amount of dust due to lack of maintenance or cleaning. One of the most important things in all of this is to clean your PC at all times of any kind of hair, dust or things that adhere to the fan blades, especially it is important to clean the power supply.

Something you should be very clear about is that when you do this cleaning, you have to turn off the PC and then unplug it to avoid any kind of risk when cleaning the fans.

The task of cleaning can be carried out with various elements; One cloth, one brush or even some specialized equipment will help you solve any kind of dust problem.

Similarly, in various stores around the world and on the web, you can find specialized products for this task, such as sprays, which have compressed air, which are specific to clean the dust without any problem.

Although they are very effective, you have to be careful with your use of them, as they can be very harmful to your health, as well as being so powerful, they can tear any components which is inside the plate and from it. to ruin it.

We recommend, however, that this process be guided by an expert, who knows the tools to use and who, likewise, guides you step by step, so that you can do it yourself in future opportunities.

These cleanings can be done every 3 to 5 months, depending on how yours behaves device, everything in this case is aimed at ensuring that your team works optimally.

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