Why is Netflix blurry or not loading me?

Big platforms also have these kinds of errors, like when Disney Plus doesn't work. The case of HBO is also presented, when the service is not available. Netflix would not have been the exception.

We'll talk about it in this article, so you know what is why Netflix is ​​blurry and how to fix it. Because generally when people have this problem they start to shift all options, but this failure does not come from there.

Why is it blurry?

The reason why Netflix è blurry or won't charge you it's because of your internet bandwidth, in practice the amount of data necessary to have a good reproduction is not entering. Take a WiFi speed test to check it.

First, you need to take into consideration the Netflix plan you have, as you need to remember that the basic option doesn't allow the playback of content in full HD.

In any case, if you have the ability to play content in full HD , you can run a speed test on your computer, so that you can observe your Internet connection.

Since in order to be able to watch the series and movies in full HD without any problems, you need to have at least one connection internet with 5 MB download.

In that case do the internet speed test and you have a download of less than 5MB, you can perform a restart of the router by turning it off and on again.


Why is Netflix blurry or not loading me?

If your download service when restarting the router remains beyond under 5 MB, you we recommend contacting your operator to check what is happening.

This is the main reason why it is blurry or not loading videos in Netflix application, whenever it is blurry it is due to internet reception problems.

Other defects

There could be other types of problems, for example when many devices are connected to the same WiFi network and they all use the Internet. This type of thing can cause the series or movies to be blurring or not loading, as all available MB are used at the same time.

Much more so if you are making a download that can cover the entire bandwidth of the internet, therefore, it will be difficult for the image not to be pixelated. Another problem that can also be common is when your Internet company performs maintenance on the network, this causes it to be unable to receive the total contracted megabytes.

That's why the my recommendation is to hire a service of 10 megabytes or higher to this if it is available, so that you have a better experience when enjoying Netflix.

And if a lot of devices use the internet at home or wherever you want to watch Netflix, then it's better than the 20MB or larger service.


Why is Netflix blurry or not loading me?

Many devices

The normal thing when using the account Netflix is sharing it with other people, usually one or two other people. They can also be up to 3 more people.

In this type of case an error may appear stating that there are many people connected to the Netflix account and then playback will stop. This means that you don't have a contract plan so that multiple people can use it at the same time.

And the solution for this type of case is to hire a larger capacity plan so that everyone can enjoy Netflix without any hassle.

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