Why is Uber overloading me? Uber charges me twice

Why does it happen that Uber overloads or twice? 

This can happen for a variety of reasons. One of them could be when you plan an Uber trip from your mobile and the fare appears at the end of the trip; Maybe just before the trip a friend went with you to the same destination and decided to share the same fare on Uber ; this will change the amount.

But on the system this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 10 working days; then these two amounts will appear in your account, until the first amount disappears or the money is refunded. 

Other reasons that might be presented are that users using accounts Paypal to make payments , the platform had an integration error with those accounts and while traveling, the user comes changed the fare for added stops , unusual traffic or change of route and destination. Therefore, when the amounts are updated, the platform makes the discount on the respective accounts.

Why is Uber overloading me? Uber charges me twice

UBER will also apply additional fees for users in late and more than two minutes late; This was intended to make users more aware of their driving partner's time, as it sometimes makes them wait more than 10 minutes.

Also, when an unexpected event occurs with some users, such as getting into a taxi while intoxicated, dirty the vehicle with vomit , this generates an additional cost for cleaning. It should be noted that such incidents must be reported with photographic evidence.

These and other factors are taken into account by the application to calculate fares in Uber, automatically to offer the best service possible, with maximum speed and simplicity for both the customer and the driver.

What to do to file an unjustified expense claim?

If you think you have, for example, double the amount, check that you have not made a trip to different destinations; In the event that by any chance you have been charged the same amount on both trips, enter in the UBER application and then select the history, to see if this happened.

If not, confirm the amount of the charge and the date of travel, then send it to UBER to investigate what happened; If he agrees, he will send the reimbursement all or part of it to your Paypal account or your credit card. 

To file a complaint, go to the trips tab, in the application menu and go to the «previous» section, where a list of recent trips you have made with UBER will appear.

Then select the trip for which you want to lodge the complaint and select the refund section, which is at the bottom of the help list; When you open it, you will see several options of possible problems that may have occurred.

Why is Uber overloading me? Uber charges me twice

Accordingly, select the one that best suits your case; Read the privacy policy carefully, in order to be well informed and fill out the form below; Be as specific as possible in so that UBER can take more informed action; finally select the send option which remains at the bottom of the page.

In this quick and easy way you can make yours complaints and suggestions on help.uber.com if it gets overloaded; But before doing that, remember to make sure that the amounts charged are not for the above reasons.

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