Why shouldn't the mobile phone be charged with the screen on?

Today we will see because the mobile should not be charged with the screen on. The battery is one of the most important things in the device if we think long term. The reason? Obviously, if the battery of our mobile phone deteriorates and does not last, it will be very difficult for us to use it.

It is not at all pleasant to leave the house with 100% battery and after a few hours we will not be without anything, right? Simply plugging in your phone constantly or looking for a USB input to get some battery isn't convenient or practical.

If your cell phone battery deteriorates too much, it will obviously last much shorter, complicating our day. Which means that the life of your device would be over. In this case you would have two options: change the battery or buy a new phone.

Why shouldn't the mobile phone be charged with the screen on?

Never charge your phone with the screen turned on

Battery life is determined by charge cycles. This means that the more times we charge it, the fewer charge cycles it has. Even for those who use fast charging, they help discharge much faster. This is common because more energy is used in a short period of time.

It doesn't matter if your phone is fast charging compatible, anything we do that requires much higher charging power than normal contributes to faster battery drain. That is why it is better to use normal charging.

One of the things that consumes the battery of our device the most is the screen. The longer we keep it on, the shorter its autonomy will last. Many people decide to keep using the phone while it is charging. Even those who leave the screen on.

This is a big mistake because you are not just consuming too much energy. If not, have the screen turned on takes a long time to charge the mobile, as it is by far the one that uses the most battery.

What it does is that the intensity of the load is higher to try to compensate for the current consumption (screen on) and get to 100%. Obviously what it generates is damage to the battery which progressively accumulates.

Why shouldn't the mobile phone be charged with the screen on?

Do not charge your mobile phone with the screen turned on

Therefore, the ideal when charging the device battery is not to use it directly. In case you would like that is loaded as fast as possible. What you can do is turn it off for a prudent time and that's it.

The less energy you use, the lower the charge intensity, the faster it will reach 100%. Therefore, the conclusion we have come to is that the more you use the phone when it is charging, the greater the intensity of the charge to reach 100%, which greatly deteriorates the battery.

The ideal is to charge it whenever it is necessary, strictly necessary and not before. In case you want to save battery life at home, you can use applications like WhatsApp Web.

This way you can reply to all messages without even unlocking the phone, which helps to save a huge amount of battery and avoid having to plug in the phone more often than we would like.

Remember that it doesn't matter what the quality of the device is. If you don't learn to care for it, it won't last as long as possible. If you still have questions or want to leave us a suggestion. You can do this in the comments section which you will find a little further down.

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