Why the iPad and Apple Watch are successful

While the battle between the Android and iOS mobile operating systems is fairly balanced, to the point that both operating systems are very much on par in terms of quality and stability, the same cannot be said for other products such as tablets or smart watches.

The truth is, the iPad is unrivaled, like the Apple Watch. It is true that we can say that devices like the Mi Band are a very cheap alternative to the Apple Watch, but the truth is that they are two totally different approaches. Why are Android smartphones successful and your tablets and smartwatches not? Why would a user prefer to buy an iPad to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6? Why did Google abandon Android tablets and smartwatches?

Lack of patience is what killed Android tablets and watches

Why the iPad and Apple Watch are successful

When the iPad was introduced, a lot of jokes were made about it, even by companies like Microsoft. Apple was rumored to want to fight professional devices such as computers with a "toy" device. The truth is, there weren't a few experts and analysts who didn't understand Apple's movement. After all, the iPad was something like an iPhone but bigger.

When the Apple Watch was introduced, criticism was triggered with it. Not surprisingly yes it was a product that needed to be recharged every day (which does not happen with conventional watches) without forgetting the absence of apps compatible with that device. That is, many experts and analysts have predicted a somewhat dark future.

As a result, the iPad and Apple Watch are two of the company's most successful products with the bitten apple today. If its early releases didn't herald commercial success, what happened? Very simple, Apple has bet on these products, correcting errors, giving them support and releasing improved revisions to the market. I mean, Apple has been patient.

Why the iPad and Apple Watch are successful

The patience that Android companies haven't had. For example, Google, instead of adapting the Android interface in an attractive way to tablets, has decided to forget about it. It's true they now focus on ChromeOS and Chromebooks, but many of us miss a 100 x 100 Android tablet. Same with Wear OS watches.

If a product didn't get the initial acceptance you want, either because it was unattractive or simply because it wasn't what users expected, don't abandon the product and close the project (which Google does very often, unfortunately). Do self-criticism, listen to the community and improve the product by launching a new version on the market that improves all of the above. The initial iPad and Apple Watch have nothing to do with the versions we see now, as they have undergone years of tweaks and improvements, because Apple sincerely believed in the idea and didn't want to give up.

Unfortunately it seems that we will not see Android tablets or smartwatches with Wear OS able to compete with Apple products and not because the Cupertino devices are better, but because Apple has been more consistent than the competition. A shame

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