Why the world needs a new Nokia 3310 and how it should be

Throughout history we have had many mythical mobile devices. To give an example: the Motorola RAZR which has a new foldable version or the Google Nexus 5. However, there is a phone that outshines all of them.

Why Nokia for years has reigned on the mobile phone market with fantastic devices like the Nokia 3310, a device that many of us still keep intact in our memory drawer. What if Nokia releases a new updated 3310? What would it be like?

This is supposed to be a new Nokia 3310

Nokia released a new version of the 3310 a couple of years ago. It was a conventional device, a lifetime, albeit with some features to make it more modern… but not much. That is, a device to perform basic tasks such as calling or texting.

The truth is that many of us expected something more. A device that without losing the essence of vintage, of the old, but that was something more intelligent in its daily life. That is, a smartphone on the inside but a feature phone on the outside.

The Concept Creator YouTube channel has decided to design a new Nokia 3310 from scratch for this year 2020 and although the result is truly spectacular - we leave the video above - we will add some features to make it the ultimate phone.

Everything we wish we had a new Nokia 3310

Why the world needs a new Nokia 3310 and how it should be

Obviously the snake game could not be missing in this new version of the Nokia 3310 2020 Edition

First of all, it should have a classic mobile look. A sturdy, quality device that would not break if it fell to the ground. On the other hand we would add all these new functions:

  • A Better Camera: Of course we all know that cellphones are the best alternative to traditional cameras.
  • Google Assistant button: L ' Google Assistant has become essential for many, so this mobile should have it installed as standard.
  • Compatibility with the most popular apps: not only WhatsApp, but also Twitter, Instagram, Gmail or Google Maps among many others.
  • Endless battery: that despite having more functions, the battery continues to last for days and days without running out.
  • Wi-Fi e Bluetooth 5.0: the first is obvious, the second to be able to connect our favorite wireless headphones
  • The Snake Game: obviously you can't miss this game that has entertained us for so many hours.

With all this and a few more details, you may have a very interesting phone. A perfect device for all those who need a smartphone in their everyday life but who lack the elegance of the cell phones of the past.

And is that the Nokia 3310 did not leave anyone indifferent and, yes hopefully one day will see a new version of this terminal, but this time something more geared towards being a smartphone.

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