Why was I turned down at DiDi? - I do not understand

In any case, avoid bothering yourself, it is normal for you to feel bad but it is likely that you do broken some rules without even realizing it, in Uber you can find the updated Community Guides to avoid being rejected. That is why the regulations required by this industry will be shown below. By reading them you will be able to understand which of them suits your case best and avoid violating them in the future.

Why was I turned down at DiDi? - I do not understand

What rules could you have violated?

Fraud / falsification of identity

One of the most obvious and explicit rules required by any passenger platform like DiDi is to use its app for fraudulent or illegal purposes. This includes everything from serious things to things that may seem minor, like identity falsification.

Something that also classifies as identity forgery is using someone else's account and impersonating that person to work for DiDi. Having accomplished this, the app will close immediately the account.


By involving such a delicate service as transport, it makes sense that this type of industry is so attentive to its safety. One mistake and the law could take stricter measures for its operation. This is why any user DiDi che persecute or harass any other person through the app and the passenger platform will be refused.

The same goes for those who go through it provide offensive information, inaccurate or defamatory. Even those who use your information to compromise the safety or enjoyment of any other person through this application. These rules concern not only the safety of third parties, but also that of the industry itself.

Therefore, another of its explicit rules is to not log into a server or network account that it does not have permission to enter or access data it is not authorized to have.


Within this regulation there are several situations. They range from the obvious things like copying or modifying the passenger app or platform, or any part of it, including DiDi's registered watermarks. Likewise, there are also bad consequences for those who produce derivative versions of DiDi.

There are also those who translate or try to translate the passenger application or platform into other languages, they have also declined their account. Remember that depending on the severity of the policy violation there may also be legal provisions.

As expected, the technology in these transportation industries is quite advanced. So, if you just try to extract the application source code and the passenger platform, a warning signal will be sent, which will inform the managers of this application and your account will be blocked.

Why was I turned down at DiDi? - I do not understand

How can I know your regulations and not be rejected in the future?

When you register an account with Didi, as with any other site, you need to click on a small box to indicate that we accept the privacy policies and the information collection policy. Before doing this, of course, we must read the set of instructions that are contained there. After registering, it is important not to forget to verify your Didi account. 

It seems obvious, but reading the regulations before accepting them is a necessary step when opening an account somewhere. According to polls, most of the people does not read the terms and conditions before accepting them. Therefore, they use the applications and websites without knowing their details.

In some cases, ignorance leads to unintentional violations of the rules. When this happens, the only thing left to do is ask yourself "what did I do wrong?" Some do not read them because they have a complicated language, are in another language or have very small fonts, but it is necessary to do this.

It is better to be safe than sorry, now that you know the explicit regulations, you will be more prepared to download and use the DiDi application and enjoy its technology services.

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