Xiaomi in 2019: lights and shades of the Chinese company throughout the year

Xiaomi is one of the companies that has given us the most to talk about in 2019, both for the things it did well - which are not a few - and for the things that didn't go so well. Even if the truth is that the former, as often happens, exceed the latter. And even more if we take into account the enormous growth that the company has been experiencing over the years.

Xiaomi in 2019: lights and shades of the Chinese company throughout the year

Today I'm going to tell you what, in my opinion, the lights and shadows of Xiaomi were in the last 2019, summarizing those that were the great successes and failures of the company during the year, which somehow can be a prediction of what to expect from Xiaomi in 2020.

The great successes of Xiaomi in 2019

The great success of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was one of the most anticipated products of this year 2019, and if you are a fan of these bracelets, the Xiaomi model is a must buy every time it goes on the market, since its price is very affordable and every year this wearable has the most interesting news.

Xiaomi in 2019: lights and shades of the Chinese company throughout the year

This year was no exception and we could see how the company's bracelet triumphed among users, who rated it very well thanks to some improvements such as the increase in the screen or the tactile response, which added to all of this. that could do sooner, such as measure activity, sleep, or get cell phone notifications, making it a device to be seriously considered for any type of user.

The Chinese company has become the largest wearable manufacturer in the world, and it is no exception, given that it has a good number of devices of this type such as smartband, smartwatch or headphones that, in addition to having one of the most competitive prices, they have very good performance, something already common in the Chinese company.

The Redmi Note 8, the best we've seen this year in its price range

The area in which Xiaomi also usually stands out is in the mid-range, and it does so thanks to the good value for money of its terminals, which is the first thing that catches the eye. And their Redmi Notes have always been terminals that took their chest away from this virtue.

This year the Redmi Note 8 and the Redmi Note 8T - its variant with NFC - have been a hit for the company, since they are, almost without a doubt, the best option for their price right now, as For around 160 euros you can enjoy a very competent mid-range terminal in every way, with a very capable processor and a quad rear camera which is the most versatile in any kind of situation.

Xiaomi in 2019: lights and shades of the Chinese company throughout the year

In addition, the terminal has a very nice design and with few frames, together with a large battery that always exceeds the entire day of autonomy. It achieved more than 10 million sales in two months and we were very happy with the device in our review.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and its desire to offer more than the rest

Another of Xiaomi's surprises this year was the launch of the Mi Note 10, which meant the resurrection of the company's terminal family, and in a very positive way, since it is back with a very nice and optimized design in which, moreover, a curved screen is included, just like the company did a few years ago with the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

Xiaomi in 2019: lights and shades of the Chinese company throughout the year

His two major virtues are his 108 megapixel camera, which has a promising future ahead of it, and its 5.260mAh battery, which gives the device an enormous autonomy, of about a day and a half or two. But what we appreciate most about this terminal was the risk that Xiaomi decided to take at the time of its launch.

And we are faced with a device with a mid-range processor - very good, yes - which differs from the rest in its camera and battery due to the big bet that Xiaomi has decided to make in the its 108 megapixel sensor and in the rest of its 5 rear cameras. A risky decision, but with which she managed to launch the first terminal with a sensor like this on the market and which, although it still has a long way to go to improve some aspects, already lays a good foundation with this type of sensor.

Xiaomi's fiascos in 2019

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha has gone unnoticed

The most out-of-the-box launch by Xiaomi this year was, of course, that of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, a prototype of a mobile phone that, as we have already told you in its presentation, has a large screen that covers practically the entire device, eg except for the striped line running down from its rear cameras.

Xiaomi in 2019: lights and shades of the Chinese company throughout the year

It is a more innovative device, this is clear, and it also has a large sensor on the back, however it is still a prototype terminal that has deflated a lot, whose main feature, which is the infinite screen, in my opinion view has no real use like that of other changes in the design of a smartphone such as the reduction of the bezels.

Throughout the year we have seen how companies like Samsung or Huawei have created a lot of expectations with their foldable devices, precisely because it is something we have not seen until now, but which adds some utility depending on which users. However, with this Mi MIX Alpha, this was not the case.

Renovations that have known little

The other shadow of Xiaomi in 2019 was that some of the renovations of its terminals did not know us very much, and this is the case of its low range, with terminals like the Redmi 8, which do not represent too big a renewal compared to its predecessor, and of those we expected more.

Xiaomi in 2019: lights and shades of the Chinese company throughout the year

Another similar case is that of the Xiaomi Mi A3, which is a very slight revamp that, while improving in the battery section, reduces the resolution of its panel, leaving it in HD +, something that, while not noticeable much on certain occasions, means a decline when it comes to playing media.

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