Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Trick to remind you that you wash your hands

Wearable devices are devices that can help us a lot in our daily life, by providing us with relevant information about our business and what we do during the day, or by allowing us not to have to take the cell phone every time we get notified. And today we will teach you a trick for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that will make you more hygienic.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Trick to remind you that you wash your hands

And, with this trick you can do remind your Xiaomi Mi Band that you need to wash yourself steadily the hands, which at this time is essential to maintain proper hygiene and reduce the chances of contagion that exist at this time due to the pandemic. coronavirus.

The trick with which the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will remind you to wash your hands

This trick we will teach you so that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 reminds you that you need to wash your hands, it is very simple, even if you will have to use your mobile to configure everything correctly, then go to prepare it and open the Mi Fit application.

When you have it open, you just have to go to the section Profile and then click on yours Xiaomi Mi Band 4, after which the application will show us the different options available for the device, and here you have to navigate to the part of «Alarms».

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Trick to remind you that you wash your hands

Once here, add or remove the alarms you deem necessary, being able to configure them for every day, or just for some. The thing now is to set alarms at different times of the day, by which you can easily remember that it's time to wash your hands. Something like the sedentary lifestyle alert, but focused in a different way and made to your liking, for those moments when a reminder can come in handy.

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For example, you can get yourself an alarm after every meal, or before, so you never forget to do it before putting something in your mouth, and thus maintain proper hygiene. When the time comes, Mi Band 4 will vibrate and with that you will know that you should go and wash your hands well. As Google recommends.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Trick to remind you that you wash your hands

On the other hand, if you want to activate or deactivate these alarms without having to remove the mobile and access the application, you can do it from the bracelet itself. To do this, you just have to scroll down on the main screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band, until you get to the "Other" section, and once there, press and click again on the "Alarms" section. Here you can select and deselect the ones you want to stay active.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the best wearables you can buy, because at an affordable price it is able to offer many possibilities, and also all with an aspect that, personally, I consider rather beautiful, thus respecting the "three bs", which is exactly what we usually expect from a company product.

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