You can know who visits my Facebook profile

You can know who visits my Facebook profile

An extremely curious fact for Facebook users to know or know is basically find out which of their friends also visits their Facebook profile, how often they do and even the concern of knowing from what people somehow visit, personal profile and that they are not part of the network of contacts in this social network.

This curiosity of knowing who is out there lurking or snooping on our Facebook profile certainly arouses great interest and the social network Facebook knows it and that is why, in its help service in the section common myths about Facebook, it poses some categorical questions and answers to a series of concerns surrounding this curiosity and which have led many people to seek answers in different places on the Internet and which we attach below:

Can people know that I looked at your profile?

No, Facebook doesn't let people know who's looking at their profile. Also, there is no third-party app that offers this feature.

If you find an app claiming to offer this feature, please report it.

Can I know who sees my timeline or how often they visit it?

No, Facebook doesn't allow you to track who views your profile or posts (such as your photos). Also, there isn't a third-party app that does this.

If you find an app that claims it can tell you who views your profile or posts, report it.

With these questions and answers from Facebook support, it is absolutely clear that there is no way or possibility to know who visits a specific user profile and further states that any application or program that promotes or offers the ability to see who visits our profile is a fraud, hoax, scam or whatever you want to call it and most likely is that they are somehow trying to steal passwords, inject a virus or earning money illegally which is why, if you see something then they suggest you report it.

Finally, with this, this concern that intrigues many people is duly resolved and for this it is good to clarify it so that they do not fall for application scams or programs that offer this type of thing.

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