Your slow mobile load? Causes and solutions for this problem

Even the battery, that important component of your mobile phone, can suffer from problems that lead to a slow charging of the terminal. If you connect your mobile phone to the charger and to the power, e the battery level barely goes up, you should worry, because there is something in the process that is not working as it should.

Not only can the battery be responsible for slow charging of a mobile phone, the causes can be very varied. In this guide we talk about the main ones causes that can make your mobile charge slower than normal, as well as of the solutions you can apply to end the problem. This way, you can enjoy the normal charging speed once again and thus reduce the time with the charger.

Your slow mobile load? Causes and solutions for this problem

Solve your cell phone charging problems with these tips.

First, check the loading speed

Before you get to work solving your cell phone charging problems, it's important to confirm that it isn't coming carried out with the speed that characterizes it under normal circumstances.

Beyond what you can perceive, you can control the charging current of your smartphone using the help of the free Ampere application, which you can download from the Play Store.

Open the application and connect your mobile to the charger already connected to the power so that Ampere offers you data such as the state of health and battery technology, temperature, voltage and amperage. Compare this information with the official characteristics of your mobile and find out if it charges at normal speed or not.

Your slow mobile load? Causes and solutions for this problem

The Ampere app informs you about the charging speed of your mobile.

Is your mobile charging slowly? Possible causes and solutions

Once you have confirmed that your mobile is charging slowly and that there is a problem, it is time to find out the possible causes that can cause this slowness. Solutions come hand in hand with the causes, essential to leave those battery problems behind and enjoy fast charging again. These are the possible causes of slow charging on your mobile and their solutions.

Charger in poor condition or directly broken

The charger is a very important accessory of your mobile, the one you use almost daily to give it the energy it needs. You don't always use it in the best conditions, there are times when you have to bend it too much, stretch it to reach your position, roll it up carelessly to store it without taking up much space ...

Gradually, the improper use of the mobile phone charger it harms until it can deliver on the telephone all the charge of he needs or, directly, does not give him any nutrition. In this case, the solution is to buy a new charger if it is in one piece or just get a USB cable or adapter if the charger is in two pieces.

Your slow mobile load? Causes and solutions for this problem

The charger can be one of the main reasons why your mobile is charging slowly.

Dirty mobile USB port

Another problem that can prevent your mobile from charging at full speed is that the USB port is too dirty. This is something that happens progressively, without you noticing, until one day the terminal loads normally.

Simply using the phone causes dirt to accumulate in its holes, like the charging port itself, which can prevent it from functioning correctly. The solution is very simple: properly clean the charging port of your Android. You have to do it very carefully in so that the remedy is not worse than the disease, that is, not to permanently damage the USB port.

You have three options to clean this port and end the slow charging speed: use a toothpick or similar to remove the remains of dirt, use compressed air at a safe distance to remove accumulated remains or, finally, go to a professional.

Damaged USB port

Your slow mobile load? Causes and solutions for this problem

USB Type-C port on LG Velvet 5G.

In addition to dirt, the USB port can also be the cause of your mobile phone charging incorrectly if it is damaged. When we connect the charger to this port, a sometimes we force it too much to insert, even when it is upside down. This can end up damaging the USB port, therefore replace it with a new one is the main solution. You can go to a professional or do it yourself if you are a "handyman".

Deteriorated plug

It could also be that slow charging is not the fault of your mobile phone or its charger, but the plug you connected the charger to. Yes, it is possible that the plug itself is damaged and therefore it is not sending enough current. To fix it, you just need to find another outlet and connect the charger with the mobile to it.

No service battery

Your slow mobile load? Causes and solutions for this problem

If the battery is damaged, it could be responsible for slow charging of the mobile phone.

Of course, the battery can be the cause of slow mobile charging. In addition to its incorrect use, the passage of time tends to affect this component of the smartphone, reducing its real capacity and loading speed. If the battery is removable, buy a new one and replace it easily.

If, on the other hand, the battery is integrated into the terminal, it could be the intervention of a professional is required to change it without affecting other elements of the process. We must not say that if you are a "handyman" and easily master the repair of the phone, you can be instructed to replace the damaged battery with a new one.

If you have tried all these solutions to the possible causes of slow terminal loading with no success, maybe Sara enough the simpler procedure: restart the terminal. You already know that something as simple as turning the phone off and on again sometimes solves its problems.

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