With over 1,5 billion active users, YouTube is the content platform most used in the world. In this social network, we can have access to virtually any video on any topic that we can imagine and the truth is that it works well…. too much. That doesn't mean occasionally YouTube loads and that the management of so many or terabytes of data per hour a sometimes you provoke platform crash. If you are here it is because you ask yourself the following question: «YouTube crashed today in 2022?» , do not worry in our technology blog we will discoverwhat's wrong with youtube 2022.

YouTube not loading today 2022

Se YouTube goes blank, May be in the black, Yes, it is very rare for it to happen but it does happen several times a year. There are several methods to know if youtube crashed today in 2022, this way we will know if it is a problem with our internet connection or is it simply that… the platform froze.

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How to know if YouTube is down today 2022?

Se YouTube not working in Chrome, review these methods to find out if it is a problem with the platform itself or problems with your WiFi connection.

Check your connection

If you say "Wow, YouTube doesn't work on my phone «, you may have internet connection problems. What you should do is connect to your YouTube account from mobile data, other WiFi and even from various devices. If you are unable to access the platform, it is most likely that YouTube fell today 2022.

YouTube Assistance Center

You may not know but YouTube has an assistance center per clarify your doubts, you can visit it here if YouTube keeps loading or doesn't work. Also another option I give you is that if YouTube not working 2022  contact them directly from here.

Find out if YouTube crashed today 2022 FOR SURE

there 3 methods per know for sure what happens to YouTube today 2022  and they will tell us exactly because it goes blank.

YouTube down detector

Downdetector is a website that will tell us if YouTube is down today in 2022, this portal is dedicated to Gathering information from different users around the world reporting platform incidents and problems. In this simple way we can know if YouTube fell today in Spain 2022 or worldwide. We can access this information from the following link.

500 Internal server error on YouTube

If you got one nice picture of a monkey with a hammer with a message saying "500 Internal Server Error" is that YouTube fell today 2022.

500 Internal error of the YouTube server.

Un 500 error in computer language is attributed to a system that is down, Than we if you see this photo on youtube, it's not working and the servers are temporarily down.

YouTube doesn't work for me on mobile

Se YouTube doesn't work won't load on mobile, the Error 500 is reflected with a variant "Error 503 «. Se you see an image like this on your mobile, YouTube is not available today.

Error 503 on YouTube.

If you have youtube problems today 2022  another way to helping the community is to leave a comment below. If this article helped you , I would really appreciate if you share it on your social networksplease this helps me a lot thanks!

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