YouTube Music, the FREE «Spotify» from YouTube

YouTube Music, the FREE «Spotify» from YouTube

YouTube plays too much lately, never better to say, given that, some time ago, the news of YouTube Music Key ha invaded the network. It was a service available to Google Play Music users, which allowed us to play music without advertising and without any network connection and with the possibility of listening to music with the screen off, which I will never understand because it doesn't exist. as standard in the official application. This service has received a name change and has become YouTube Red. But the platform seems to like to play hide and seek and changed its name again, now it's called YouTube Music, this being a much more commercial name

In a field where YouTube has great potential in terms of musical level, will have to compete with big heavyweights like Apple Music or the already veteran Spotify. YouTube Music will always have the support of the fans of this platform (As a server), in fact it has always been a fundamental support for thousands of artists who have found a means to bring their songs to the public in a pleasant and fast way, thus taking part in their earnings thanks to the Adsense system or according to the Patner they were affiliated with.

YouTube Music plans to make things difficult for Apple Music and Spotify, will it be able to get a piece of the pie?

YouTube Music is a free application, with it we can access our favorite music videos to listen to their music in an easily accessible and fast way. Despite being a free application, they will place ads on it, which is how the platform subsidizes itself, although we can always subscribe to the service by accepting the terms of service for be able to listen to music without commercials, in offline and according to mode. dish.

This app while being free, at the moment can only be downloaded in the USA, once downloaded there give 14 days free to try YouTube Music without ads, in offline mode and in the background.

We are facing an application that is here to stay, you will continue to pay for Spotify?

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