Youtube silver plate, how and where to request it?

There are many video sharing platforms out there, but YouTube is a very trend popular. Audiovisual media have become even more popular through this medium. Just because it's used for free, it already has millions of people.

Furthermore, the variety of content is unique, yes they get videos of all kinds and for all tastes and is a great tool for those who generate content. It has the great advantage of choosing between both and of increasing or decreasing its resolution.

YouTube has long since become a major competition for the world of television. Many people they put aside traditional TV programs to watch YouTube videos for hours. Because of the accessibility to comment on everything, they feel more a part of this experience.

For many it has socially become a great professional tool from which they cannot break away. There are many reasons for belonging to this platform, for that reason we will let you know more about the silver button on youtube.

Youtube silver plate, how and where to request it?

How many license plates does YouTube award and how to get them?

What many of the users who create content want to reach is to be successful on your channel, accumulate many more visits and of course monetize. But for this you need to know a lot of parameters and have the necessary requirements. Make yourself known to get benefits on this platform.

On YouTube with a channel you can get the silver button when you reach 100.000 subscribers and you can claim it by joining the rewards program for creators for that you have to enter youtube, then go to youtube studio. The next thing you should do is look for your redemption code which is in the banner notification.

The next step you need to take is to enter that code on the redemption site. In other words, in rewards for creators. In this step what you need to do is include the data. It is important to know that you need to enter the name you want the prize to be awarded, i.e. the name of your channel.

The silver award is a plaque, with your name on it. In addition to this button there are also others such as the ruby, gold, diamond button, everything varies according to the members and needs.

Requirements - Creator Awards

The main thing is have an active Google account, you can enter YouTube with your IP address. You don't have to have default values. Another requirement is to have the conditions provided by YouTube.

Il content you submit must be original, do not mix or copy, but create original content in order to be even more eligible for these rewards. You have to be careful not to have any content that could lead to a scam. All these requirements are evaluated in advance. In other applications you can make changes such as editing videos on WhatsApp, but on YouTube you have the opportunity to make yourself known.

Each channel is carefully reviewed so that can receive the awards. You must be willing to comply with all the necessary measures and, of course, depending on the number of subscribers you have, you will receive the corresponding button.

It is good to have a quality edition first, for this you can use an online video editor and creator, more easily and quickly. 

Youtube silver plate, how and where to request it?

How can I claim my silver platter when I reach the goal?

If you have already achieved your goal e you meet the required eligibility requirements from YouTube, it's time to redeem your prize or claim your license plate, the first thing they'll do is scrutinize your channel to see if you don't meet any of the requirements. 

Then in your YouTube Studio panel you will see a notification and you will receive a unique redemption code and to access the reward you have to enter that code on the creator rewards website, there you will enter the shipping information and you will have to specify the place where your channel name will appear. 

When you have already entered all the necessary information, the next step is to enter your email where you will find a confirmation message with tracking information and you should receive your plate within 2 to 3 weeks.

What should I do if I don't receive the code to get my silver platter?

If you have already achieved your goal and still do not receive the unique cash code, please note that YouTube conducts an in-depth analysis of your channel to see if it meets eligibility standards, such as not having been infringed, not having any copyright claims, and that you must own the original content. 

Normally the review takes place within a 2 week period, if another week passes and you don't have your code in the notification panel yet, you should go to "contact the YouTube creators support team" if you are part of the Partners program and explain your situation in the chat. 

There are also cases where the notification is, but you can't find the code, you have to contact the "Creators Support Team" and there they will give you the code you need to use to redeem your prize.

Other rewards granted by YouTube and its benefits

The YouTube Creator Awards are awarded when you reach a subscriber threshold , among these awards we have: 

  • Silver: 100.000 subscribers. 
  • Gold: 1.000.000 subscribers. 
  • Diamond: 10.000.000 subscribers. 
  • Ruby Plaque: 50.000.000 subscribers. 
  • Red Diamond Plate: 100.000.000 subscribers. 

For channels with less than 100.000 subscribers there are also benefits that YouTube offers to incentivize content creators such as: 

  • Graphite Advantage: For channels with less than 1000 subscribers where they can use Creator Studio to better customize and manage the channel. 
  • Opal Advantage: For channels with 1000 and 10.000 subscribers where they can be part of the YouTube partner program and you can start earning money for your content. 
  • Bronze benefits: for channels between 10.000 and 100.000 subscribers they will be able to access YouTube Spaces and be part of the 'Pop-up Spaces' anywhere in the world, they will also have the opportunity to participate in 'YouTube Netxup' and will be able to market the products 'Teespring'.

Youtube silver plate, how and where to request it?

Buy YouTube rewards

In fact, on YouTube you can also access the purchase of prizes, that is to say that obviously they will give you some courtesy prizes, but you can accept to buy others if you pay with the availability. This way you will have access to all the benefits that this broad platform offers you.

If you want to buy rewards, you have to access the creators email and YouTube, and this must be done from the email you associated with your channel. From there all the necessary steps.

If you want to generate income, this is a qualified platform for it, you just need to always know the requirements to monetize a YouTube channel. It is important to keep in mind that it is not a quick process as many believe, you need to take the time to do this.

In addition to everything , constancy is required, many of those who start out in content creation don't show up because they don't stay constant and think they'll be successful fast. You can make money but always with great perseverance.

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