Can a person spy on me with an Apple AirTag?

One of these products that could be used for a purpose that does not correspond to that indicated, is the new Apple product, known as AirTag, this device is a locator that we can insert into our personal belongings, this for the purpose of if in any if it may have lost us, we can locate it via our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and see where it is in our city.

È a great product with amazing function, however, there may be people who want to use the AirTag to spy on people and know where they are going, which is wrong and if you become a victim of this, know what options you have to prevent it from happening as much as possible.

How do I know if someone is following me with an AirTag?

It may happen that someone with bad intentions has decided to want to spy on us, this in the form of knowing where we are and unfortunately could happen with devices like the AirTag Apple, however, although the possibility may exist.

Can a person spy on me with an Apple AirTag?

Apple has decided to take action if this could happen, so don't worry, there are ways to know if someone is following you with an AirTag.

How can I know if an AirTag is following me?

Knowing if they have put an AirTag to follow us is something that would be really important to know, especially if you think they may have been trying to spy on you for something of you, so the first thing would be check all of our garments in case we load it on us, as it is also important to review each of the objects we usually carry, to be discarded in the same way if they have placed it somewhere.

If you have an iPhone phone, you can quickly find out, as there will warn if an unregistered Apple device is close to us, if so, this could confirm that they tried to locate us.

What should I do if an AirTag follows me?

If you noticed that an AirTag was on you or any of your objects that you walk with on a recurring basis, this could mean that they have tried to locate your location, something that is undoubtedly wrong in each of the possible aspects already that is. a violation of your security and privacy.

If you are an iPhone user, you may have realized this at an opportune time, since our phone iPhone has a function and it is to detect if we have an Apple device nearby that is not connected to us, so you probably won't have much time spying on the person who placed the AirTag tracker on you.

Can a person spy on me with an Apple AirTag?

On our phone, after identifying that there is an AirTag moving with us, it will offer us options such as turn off the device so that it does not continue to work.

Our phone will start giving us instructions on how to take the AirTag and open it, then remove the battery from the AirTag and then it will not continue to work, once the battery is removed it will obviously no longer work, then you could go pass the law and file a claim that they spied on you through the AirTag.

If, on the other hand, you are a user who owns an Android device, the chances of making it happen quickly are somewhat unlikely, since our phone will not be able to tell us as soon as we have an Apple device with us.

However, if within 72 hours the AirTag they put on us hasn't approached the iPhone it was registered with, will start to play, then from the sound we can realize that we have a device with us that is not ours, if we have an Android with NFC functions, we can bring the AirTag closer to our Android and an Apple page will open to tell us how to disable the AirTag or if at opposite is lost.

Can AirTag detection be disabled?

In case you wish not to have an AirTag or other object connected to your mobile device, the iOS operating system has functions that allow us to remove it from our settings, to deactivate an AirTag follow the steps below:

Can a person spy on me with an Apple AirTag?

  • We will go into the section "Objects or articles" of our iPhone, from the list of articles we will select the correct AirTag that we want to delete.
  • So we will carry the AirTag to our iPhone, in case we don't have it with us, you can also delete it, however, the Apple ID record located on that AirTag will not be deleted.
  • We will select 'Delete', we will follow the instructions provided by the window that appears on the screen and yes will deactivate.

Is it legal to track someone with an AirTag?

The AirTag is a product designed with the purpose of locating the personal belongings of Apple users, such as luggage, suitcases, backpacks, keys, all kinds of objects that we usually carry on a daily basis and that for some reason could be lost., Any other purpose from the main one, especially if it is a question of using an AirTag with a person or object of the person in particular without their consent it is and should be an illegal action.

Since yes it is an invasion of privacy and endangers security of the person being spied on or tracked with a device, so if you are harassed in this way it is best to disable the AirTag you were tracked with and file a report with the competent authorities.

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