Find out how to create a free online survey with SurveyOK

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SurveyOK is a page designed specifically for the creation of polls. Its main advantage is that it can be used for free and its customization options are easy to understand. The first thing to do in any case is to register on the page.

  1. Register on the platform to create surveys, you can access them via this link SurveyOK.
  2. To join, simply click on the option Register, located at the top and right of the page. After clicking on this link, you need to fill in the registration form. When finished, accept the terms and click Sign in.
  3. Now access the website, for this enter the data you provided earlier.

Find out how to create a free online survey with SurveyOK

Find out how to create a free online survey with SurveyOK

Once you are already registered in SurveyOK you can proceed to create your own polls very easily. Please read the following tutorial carefully to learn SurveyOK basic principles for creating surveys.

Create your polls

  1. To create a new survey, click the button Create survey.
  2. Three steps will appear on the screen:
  • In step 1, you will need to provide the title and the survey description.
  • Step 2, marked as an area, is where you enter the survey category.
  • In step 3, you need to select the shipping type, we recommend that you select the option Bulk - Link, which will provide you with a link that you can share. In addition, there will also be an exit option, where it will provide the message that the identification they will see once the survey is finished. After completing the three steps, click on the Create Questions option.

Answer the questions

  1. Once you are in the menu for create questions, the first step is to add an image. Then provide an image or photograph associated with the survey content.
  2. Now is the time to start creating the questions, to do so click on Add question. The page offers several types of questions, however the first step is to provide the title, such as 'what do you prefer?'.

Choose from the following formats of question:

  • Multiple choice
  • Comment
  • Vote from 1 to 7
  • Vote from 1 to 10
  • Satisfaction with a scale of 1 to 5
  • Satisfaction with a scale of 1 to 12

Find out how to create a free online survey with SurveyOK

Continuing with the creation of the questions

  1. The process of personalization of the question is very extensive, you just need to apply a little creativity and adapt it to the content you need to express.
  2. To add a new question, click again Add question. Follow these steps until you complete the survey.
  3. When you have completed all the questions, click on the option Create link, found in the main survey menu.
  4. You will receive a link that you can provide so that users can complete your survey. In turn, it should be noted that by entering SurveyOK you will be able to see the aspects related to statistics.

The process of creating a survey might seem complicated, but all it takes is a little bit of creativeness and ingenuity. You already have the tool SurveyOK, now is the time to establish guidelines for creating surveys. And if you have a website in WordPress you can create surveys directly from this platform.

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