How long does the Apple AirTag battery last?

Subsequently we will tell you more about this amazing device, but mainly we will talk about its battery and the duration we can count on once we buy this interesting Apple product. Without further ado, stay with us and find out all the details.

Do AirTags have one or more batteries?

It is completely normal to ask, does the AirTag, being such a small product, have a battery or are they just batteries? This is a very common question, since the vast majority of accessories that have this size have simple, watch-type or perhaps larger batteries. But in the case of the Apple AirTag, the question is a little more different.

The Airtag tracking accessories have a small battery which is located at the bottom of the device. This is a CR2032 battery, which it is completely replaceable in case of any kind of error or failure with the usage time. It is also important to keep in mind that this interesting battery does not require any kind of recharging, so we will fully enjoy its operation.

How long does the Apple AirTag battery last?

Are AirTags refillable? How do I upload an AirTag?

As we said earlier, AirTags are devices or accessories considerably small, almost the size of a coin. Therefore, both for their design and size and for their function, they have a rechargeable battery, so we will not have any kind of problem at the end of the day due to the level of charge that this accessory has.

On the other hand, in case the Apple AirTag battery stops working at some point, we will just have to remove the battery from the accessory and replace it with a new one. That will be all we have to do.

What type of battery does my AirTag use? 

The Apple AirTag is considered a fairly small device or accessory but with a very interesting function, so it has a battery that has the ability to allow this task without having to be recharged every now and then or something like that. Also, to give us the ability to replace it when needed.

It is the CR2032 battery, among its most interesting features we can denote that it is 2 times smaller than the AirTag and has a quite considerable duration taking into account the use we give to this accessory. With this clear, we can be sure that we can count on the AirTag for a long time.

How long does the Airtag battery last?

This new accessory presented by Apple has a large number of very interesting specifications and features which make it an absolutely unique product on the market. Being able to locate any type of object at any time thanks to the AirTag has totally different qualities.

How long does the Apple AirTag battery last?

Among these we can name the AirTag battery, this is it known as CR2032 battery. An important fact that we can denote about this battery is that it has a life limit of over a year, clearly, having said accessory in maximum use during all that time.

Taking this into account, it means we can enjoy our Apple AirTag accessory for an excellent period of time, we can also extend the life of your battery if we fail to use this device fully. So we don't have to worry about its battery or having to charge it for a long time.

What should I do if my AirTag battery runs out?

As we previously commented, the AirTag has a battery life of about more than a year. This isn't refillable, so we won't have to worry if it runs out at some point.

Once the Apple AirTag battery starts showing errors, breakdowns or just stops working, we will have to replace the CR2032 battery with a new one. Once we have the new battery in our hands, we will simply have to adapt it to the accessory and that's it. We'll have another year or two with no problem power.

How to see how much battery is left in my AirTag

Once you manage to connect the your respective AirTag with the Apple ID account, we will be able to have all kinds of details and information on our respective AirTag or any that we have previously registered on our mobile device at hand.

When the location of our AirTag is shown on the mobile device, we can see below the battery level it has. If this for some reason indicates a low level, the only solution we will have to fix this problem will be to change the battery, as it cannot be recharged.

How to easily change the battery of the Airtag

Once the respective lifespan of our Apple AirTag has elapsed, we will have to keep in mind that we have to perform a fairly important task. Replace the battery or cell. To carry out this action efficiently and correctly we will have to follow a series of quite specific steps to carry it out.

How long does the Apple AirTag battery last?

Next we will tell you about all the steps you need to follow in order to replace the CR2032 battery of our Apple AirTag with a new one. Without further ado, follow us and discover all the details, data and information relating to this interesting accessory and its respective power source.

  • Before starting, we must give priority to the new battery, once purchased and it is in our hands we can proceed to make the respective modification.
  • Our first step to follow will be to take our Apple Airtag and position ourselves in the lower part of the accessory, there we will be able to appreciate a sort of metal lid. This has the typical Apple logo.
  • Already here, we will have to carefully press this lid and then turn it to one side. It is important to note that it has 3 small folds or feet that fit the rest of the accessory. Therefore, we must be careful when turning the lid and avoid any kind of damage to these creases.
  • Once this is done, we can see the CR2032 battery of the Apple AirTag, we can safely remove it in order to insert the new purchased battery correctly. Attention, it is preferable that the battery we are going to insert is always completely new to avoid damage to the accessory.
  • Once the new battery has been inserted, we will only have to carefully reassemble the small folds of the metal cover in the accessory, and then proceed to press it down and turn the respective cover to one side. This way we will have successfully completed the entire process.

How long does the Apple AirTag battery last?

Is it possible to disable an AirTag to save battery life?

Once we have our Apple AirTag in hand, if we want to turn it off and thus extend its life, we will have to open the bottom cover of the accessory and remove the battery. At least until we want to use it again.

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