How long or hours do I have to charge the Gear IconX headphones to get them to 100%?

On this occasion, we will refer to a technology brand that has produced a number of electronic devices, including wireless hearing aids; this brand is, Samsung, one of the best. The rise of these headphones has been so strong that Samsung does not have just one model, in fact, they have released several and one better than another.

One such model is the Samsung Gear IconX launched in 2016, specially created for use during physical training, whether it be walking, running or cycling. Now we will explain some details of these wireless headphones like, how long can they be left on charge?

Main features of Gear IconX

Among the many features of this new device that attract the attention of customers is the its improved design, which makes it visually very appealing. This design, which easily fits the person's ear, fortunately does not require any base or cable to support it.

In addition, these headphones have, on the exposed external part, like a sort of touch panels, which allow them to be mastered with a few touches. With these touches, which can be long, short or separated, make it easier to use, as we can control calls or music with them.

How long or hours do I have to charge the Gear IconX headphones to get them to 100%?

One detail that appeals to these headphones, especially athletes, is that they are resistant to sweat and splashes, making them your perfect sports companion. In addition, its design of earplugs, being small, makes it have a low weight of about 8 grams for each hearing aid, making its use more comfortable.

The Samsung Gear IconX also have an internal memory of around 4GB, which allows you to store music to listen to it without having to be connected to a cellphone. As they are excellent for training, they have sensors that measure distance and speed, and a voice that tells you what you've achieved.

If we talk about the battery of these wireless headphones, we are referring to its weak point, since the users have confirmed that they don't last that long, at least only 2 hours. So if you turn the volume up on these to a high level, they don't last long, so if you use them for training, they will be in short workouts.

Of course, to support your battery, these come in a carrying case which is its charger, approx 340 mAh, which improves on the 82 mAh of the headphones. Since this case also has a dynamic and very comfortable design, you can store them in your pocket and charge the headphones when needed while exercising.

How long do I need to charge my Samsung Gear IconX?

In general, when you buy a device of this type, whether for use on a PC or a mobile phone, sellers usually say that you charge them between 5 and 8 hours, but this could damage the devices. So, as we don't want to drain the battery life of the Gear IconX headphones, we'll explain what you can do and how long to charge them.

How long or hours do I have to charge the Gear IconX headphones to get them to 100%?

First, what you need to do is put them back in the case and close the lid to be able to connect them to the USB cable and leave them for some time. Keep in mind that it is not good to leave the Gear IconX or any device charging for so many hours or overnight in general 2 hours or less is enough.

How to clean Gear IconX hearing aids?

The process of cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your hearing aids is simple and here we will explain how to do it in just a few steps. The first thing you need to do is remove the caps they carry, being careful not to separate the tips of the hearing aid so much so that no accident occurs and it breaks down.

Then, with a dry swab and brush, you can clean the surface of the hearing aids to be able to remove residual dirt. Once this is done, and making sure they are clean, you can put the earplugs back on the headphones and enjoy them again.

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