How to activate the application drawer on Huawei phones? - Quick and easy

Over the years other software has established a dominant role when it comes to the levels of customization that users can perform.

Smartphone brands like Huawei (which own Huawei's EMUI, their own operating system) are influenced by this methodology to familiarize users.

In this way, these consumers will be able to enjoy the experience and benefits offered by the devices and ignore the limitations that each has.

EMUI 9.1 as an operating system

Huawei is a Chinese company that many users around the world prefer for the degree of quality and distinction that distinguishes the mobile phone.

Last year this company chose to start operating on a new operating system, due to a problem with Android.

This is where EMUI was born, software that was released primarily as a beta to suck the fixes out of the community. This way, you offer the best possible service.

It is expressed as an interface minimalist inspired by the Aegean Sea. Show the list of all applications installed on the device on the main screen.

In case you want to keep the above-mentioned methods where Android sets up a menu button to access its applications.

This operating system has the ability to activate the app drawer on Huawei mobile phones to enhance the experience.

How to activate the application drawer on Huawei phones? - Quick and easy

Activate the Huawei app drawer like this

It should be noted that the whole procedure is quite simple and it does not require any kind of download or previous installation to achieve the desired goal.

Without encountering any kind of problem and following the steps that this article tells you about, you will be able to enjoy the simplicity and aesthetics of keeping a tidy screen.

The first thing you need to do is access the settings of your device, where all available configurations that can be made will be displayed.

After reading all these options, enter the so-called " Screen "To find the list of options within" Main screen style ".

If you manage to detail, you will see that next to this name the phrase " Application drawer Along with an arrow pointing to the right.

It is in this section that you will find the way to activate the application drawer in Huawei mobile phones, as the screen will show the options to choose from to get it.

The first option shows the standard list or with which the software is accompanied by default, i.e. the grid distribution of applications on the main screen.

Instead, the second option offers an app drawer layout, which is what you're interested in selecting. To activate it, you just have to press on the circle.

Finally, press " Accept ”To confirm the changes and that the drawer or the button to access the applications is available on the main screen.

How to activate the application drawer on Huawei phones? - Quick and easy

What should I do if I don't like the app drawer?

If you've gotten used to the default list offered by the operating system or you just don't like using the app drawer on the home screen, you can change it easily.

To return to the standard distribution of applications, simply follow the same steps explained in the previous point and change the selection.

This way, the style of your home screen will return to the same as before and you will continue to enjoy the experience of your Huawei comfortably .

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