How to avoid or reduce overheating of my laptop?

If you live in a very hot place or if you are in the height of summer, you are definitely worried that your laptop will overheat. If so, you are in the right place. This tutorial provides some tips to avoid or reduce the overheating of the laptop.

Summer is a very hot time for the environment. Many people find themselves choking for most of the day looking for a way to cool off. Electronic devices don't have much fun either, especially laptops. These tend to overheat very quickly.

Overheating of the laptop is not a good sign. In addition to burning your legs while wearing it, the heat it generates can affect its performance and start damaging internal components. Gradually causing damage, perhaps irreparable. If you are interested in knowing how to avoid or reduce your laptop overheating as easy as sharing internet from iPhone to laptop, read on.

Tips to avoid or reduce laptop overheating

If your laptop starts to overheat don't worry, if you follow these tips you can effectively counter it.

Sometimes it is just the fact of its excessive use, for example when closing the laptop preventing it from entering hibernation mode and therefore can "rest" so to speak.

Keep your laptop elevated

One of the first steps to take to prevent the laptop from overheating is lift it from the surface in where it is located. It is terrible for your computer to be on wooden surfaces, glass, in bed and especially on your legs. You must avoid it at all costs.


How to avoid or reduce overheating of my laptop?

If you don't have a laptop stand, what you can do is place it on a book that will lift it off the surface a few inches. This for increase air circulation below it. Always be very careful not to cover your ventilation ducts because if you do, the effort will be in vain.

Try to stay in a cool environment

If the road is at 40 degrees, the best way to avoid or reduce overheating of your laptop is to keep the equipment in the shade, preferably in a place with good ventilation and much better if it is in air conditioning. Your temperature and that of your laptop will thank you.

Cooling bases

If it is impossible for you to cool the space you use your laptop in, another option you can implement is to use one cooling base. These cool the laptop through an integrated fan, which helps with optimal air circulation.

The most recommended thing is that if you choose this option, it is to acquire a metal cooling base. Furthermore, you have to take into consideration that the noise they generate is not excessive and that the position of the keyboard is comfortable to use.

Likewise, it is important that before buying one you check well how the ducts are ventilation of your laptop, so that the base you choose is compatible with it.

Internal adjustments

Overheating favors the common occurrence of the question why is my laptop so slow? And even this rise in temperature could be due to not cleaning and freeing up space on a hard drive with unnecessary files on the device.

Another way to avoid or reduce laptop overheating is through internal settings. This is a simple but often forgotten step by users:

How to avoid or reduce overheating of my laptop?


  • Control Software: As with your cell phone, it's a good idea to download and apply a program that helps you regulate the temperature of your laptop.
  • Reduce screen brightness: Full brightness requires more computer performance, then it overheats.
  • Adjust the processor: If you are using Windows you can follow the steps below to reduce the processor state.
  1. Click the battery icon at the bottom left of the screen
  2.  Then select " More power options "
  3.  A panel will appear indicating the power plans offered by the system. There locate and select "Change plan settings> Advanced power settings"
  4.  The window will open " options ". In the drop down window locate "Processor power management" and select "Maximum processor status"
  5. Here you can vary the battery percentage and alternating current. It is recommended to be at 80%
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