How to block a stolen iPhone phone via IMEI - Online

You can even locate it to know where it is even if it's turned off. Let's see how to lock a phone iPhone processes IMEI.

Telephone companies have a list of IMEIs that they shouldn't provide services to. That's why, once reported and blocked, the device in question it will stop working until you register it again.

To lock it and then register it, you will need the purchase invoice and your identity document or ID.

How to block a stolen iPhone phone via IMEI - Online

What do I need to lock my iPhone with IMEI?

In Mexico it is necessary to have one SIM card activated, Serial number or IMEI / MEID or SIM PIN is required.

locate the Your device you have to have "Is found" activated and access " or / find Or you can also use another device using the app.

To mark a device as lost we need to do the following: open the app -> select the devices tab -> select the lost device -> scroll to the bottom and mark the lost mode and activate it.

Un personalized message or Your number dovrebbe to appear on the screen so that the person who finds or has your iPhone can contact you. Once this is done, click on activate.

When a device comes stamped like lost, this is blocks di distance e outside of Apple Pay. If you don't have "yes Find" enabled, you can still protect your account, for example by changing the password ID or changing the passwords for your accounts (email or applications).

How do I get the IMEI of my iPhone?

If you want to get the IMEI / MEID of your iPhone, go to Settings -> General and tap About. To locate that number you may have to scroll down, to copy it hold it down and save it well.

Steps to lock my iPhone with IMEI

Before starting this procedure you must know the IMEI number. Generally, if you press * # 06 # you can get it on the screen of your mobile, but since in this case we do not have access to it, you will have to look for it on the purchase invoice or on the packaging.

A safe way to do this is to contact the company that provides telephone services to your mobile, regardless of whether you have a permanent contract or a free contract, i.e. you pay a monthly subscription or have a prepaid line.

Also, you can request that block the SIM card, so that they too cannot use it.

Also remember that it is important that you make the corresponding complaint to the authorities with the purchase invoice, as this way you can recover it in case you find it.

After blocking it via IMEI, you can confirm that it was done correctly by entering a page such as Everyone is paid.

Once inside, you have to choose Check without my iPhone being reported. And then enter the IMEI number. Next, you need to fill out a form with your details and submit it.

You will receive an email with all the data of your iPhone and from there you can check that the IMEI lock has been performed successfully.

How to block a stolen iPhone phone via IMEI - Online

Report the theft

The first thing you need to do is contact competent authorities e lift the your complaint, they may ask you for the number di freshman of your device.

To find the serial number or IMEI / MEID. We have to look for " ”In your web browser. You need to sign in with the Apple ID you use on your iPhone.

Scroll to to the part of the device section, which is located at the bottom. Select the device to view its serial number or IMEI / MEID.

If your lost iPhone is covered by AppleCare + with theft and loss, you need to submit a replacement request.

Contact your telephone company

Contact your mobile operator and ask them to deactivate the account, to prevent them from making calls, sending messages or consuming data. If the device is covered by a business plan, you can file a claim.

How to block a stolen iPhone phone via IMEI - Online

Delete the information from your iPhone

Before deleting a device, make sure di follow the previous steps, since what will be described below it cannot be undone. As the contents of the device and its information are deleted and cannot be tracked with the search app.

If the device is covered da AppleCare + for theft and loss, you must present un complaint for lost or stolen device. Don't delete it until your request has been approved.

To do this, you need to open the app, find and select the tab devices -> Select the device you want to erase from remote -> Move down and choose to initialize this device. You just have to give Delete this again.

Change password and erase iPhone from trusted devices

Want to change your password on the device, please follow the steps. Go to settings -> your name. Click where it says password and security -> change password. Enter the new password.

Can i unlock my mobile after i lock IMEI?

Yes, it can be unlocked. One way is to go with the IMEI / MEID number and a document proving that you are legitimate (invoice, contract or receipt), to the customer service offices with the equipment.

Another very popular way is using applications like Unlockriver, this application modifies a certain number of the computer's IMEI so that it can be used and not identified by companies.

How to block a stolen iPhone phone via IMEI - Online

Way to lock my iPhone from iCloud

Another way to lock your iPhone device is from iCloud account associated with your device. For this you need to have access to your account data, i.e. your ID.

Once done, the your iPhone will be completely locked and no functions can be performed with it. In other words, you will only be able to turn it on, but you will not have access to your personal data or applications, nor will you be able to send or receive calls or SMS.

To perform iCloud lock, log in to the official site from a computer. Log in to your account by entering your email and password. Then go to Find iPhone.

You will see a list with all the Apple devices associated with that account in case you have more than one. Select the device you want to block. When you do, you will be able to see the its geolocation on a map. If it's close, you can make it ring.

Next, you need to select the Mark as Lost option. With it, your iPhone will crash instantly. Don't worry if you had credit cards associated with your phone, as they will also be denied. These iPhones that have reportedly been vetted end up on Apple's blacklist

You can delete the information you had on your device so that the person who has it cannot access it, but then you will not be able to retrieve it.

We recommend that you make a backup copy to another new Apple account so that you can safely delete all data associated with your account without fear of losing it forever. Well, you will already have a backup account.

Finally, remove your lost iPhone from the list of trusted devices. Hopefully this guide for lock your iPhone device via IMEI and iCloud you was useful.

How to block a stolen iPhone phone via IMEI - Online

How can I block my SIM card from the Internet?

You can use the PIN area of SIMs., for this you have to go to the configuration, let's go to the option Telephone, we look for the SIM PIN and it we activate with four numbers who will ask us to enter. There are occasions when this PIN is set by the telephone operator.

Ask for it at customer care, enter that PIN, for be able to modify it.

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