How to create a link to a web page on my PC desktop

These web pages allow you to obtain certain content in a different way than what you can find in magazines or in a book; as many of them can be accessed simultaneously via URL addresses from a browser. You can create links to these web pages within the desktop of the Google browser or on our desktop on the PC, which is the topic we will talk about here.

What is a website and how does it work?

The web or digital page is a document used by people or companies, who they convey information, ideas and knowledge using various means for this purpose; such as text, images, audio or video, etc .; adapted to the models of the World Wide Web or WWW and to which we can access via a web browser.

The functions of a web page are as vast as the use of its users and the offer of its author; In addition to displaying information, they also allow interactions between different users or between institutions to achieve a specific purpose.

There are 2 web page templates based on how their content originates; There are only informative or static ones, and also dynamic ones that facilitate user interaction.

How to create a link to a web page on my PC desktop

How can we access a web page?

Usually via browser it is possible to access a web page and view its content; always subject to the qualities of each. There are many such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, among others, and they have 2 zones; where is the address of the page and the main one where the content is displayed.

But it turns out that sometimes we want to access the Internet or we are consulting a web page and suddenly stops work, entering the message that is not available; These dips can last for seconds, hours or days and are not always due to an outage in Internet service.

Another way to access your favorite web page is to dock it to your computer's taskbar; here on our blog we solved that problem a few days ago, it would be interesting if you take a look at it.

Create a link to a web page on my PC desktop

When the page is not available or not usable, it can be accessed through the Internet file called Wayback Machine or su  Google;  he first protects all cached versions of web pages, which he visits and saves from time to time.

To enter you just have to enter the URL address in the search, then Wayback Machine will scan the information, as long as a version of that day has been saved.

How to create a link to a web page on my PC desktop

The second option is through Google, to also access its cached version and will give us one equal to the original; unless there are updates.

Now, yes we want to create a direct access to a web page on the desktop of the PC, we have to open a browser; for example Mozilla Firefox, then at the top of it the address is placed in the space designated for this purpose.

Next, we position ourselves on the padlock symbol on the left side, click and without releasing the button it is dragged to the desktop , this is what the link looks like; We close the previous page and finally double-click on the access created and start working.

Finally, we must take into account how easy it is to create a direct voice to a web page on your PC desktop, which gives us the alternative of accessing certain pages when we need them, regardless of the reasons why you were unable to enter previously. Now, if you are interested in creating shortcuts on your Android mobile, we can help you with that as well.

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