How to enter or write the address, sender and recipient on a letter or envelope - Example

Letters have been in our lives ever since writing began and have marked the unstoppable progress of societies. A letter will not be alone a universal requirement for all the management, but it will also be an example of our organizational and professional level. 

The letters will be a part of us that does not speak, but for which they can read us, and this it is much more decisive. Well, through text and speech, as well as through its construction, we can know a lot about a person. 

Something that many organizations, institutions and companies have very clear today is that the formality will always be the success of everything. Thus, we can highlight that a letter is characterized by its structure and formalized writing. Therefore, we will devote the following lines to breaking down the correct protocol by which we will seal our letters.

Why is it necessary to write a letter? 

Cards, even if it is true, are losing ground in the digital world, their use is still necessary and must be a lot. Due to the unusual, it is to be expected that we do not remember the order or protocol for indicate the information elements and sending the letter. The address, sender and recipient, are the essential can represent a hindrance if we are not used to capturing them. 

How to enter or write the address, sender and recipient on a letter or envelope - Example

If we will make the letter written by hand, or virtual, we follow the same procedure. Unless you have mishaps with the keyboard, due to its Anglophone origin in some cases. 

Regarding the language for example, easily configure the keyboard in Spanish, it is very important to keep it in mind to avoid misunderstandings. Even if you want keep the language of starting, you just need to know how to place accents and eñes on an English keyboard. 

What is said is true, what is not written does not exist, and if we do not know how to express to whom the letter must be delivered, it's as if it didn't exist.

It is writing in the air. But it doesn't just apply to the informative elements of the letter. There are documents that need to be structured together with the data in Excel. Therefore, knowing how to insert accents in Excel will be a priority.

Impeccable spelling is therefore a crucial element, whatever the letter, and subordinate to the narrative style that is performed or to the actions that are required. It is always good correct grammar accurately. Likewise, knowing how to automatically correct spelling in Excel or other office automation programs, is an example, which is applied to any style of letter.   

How to write address, sender and recipient on a letter or envelope

In all there are regulations, and if it is the protocol case of a letter and yours address, sender and recipient, even more. Generalized rules apply to it both for its conformation and for its location within the body of the text. However, it must be remembered that it could vary depending on the region in which the Pavese is found, but in general its morphology is maintained. 

How to enter or write the address, sender and recipient on a letter or envelope - Example

The addresses: they are usually shown on the envelope, always positioned at the ends of it. In general, the address is made explicit with a sequence of data in hierarchical order and attaching the post code. Where it will go from the smallest to the largest. Let's take a hypothetical address with reference data:

  • Pasticceria Las Acacias  
  • Los Olivares Building
  • Viale Las Azucenas with calle el Almendro, s/n terrazzo a livello 
  • -POSTAL CODE- Madrid
  • SPAIN.

The sender: he is the one who sends the message, in this case the letter, and his data must be attached in a clear and simple way.

It is relevant, since if the letter is lost, who does it meets will know who to return it to, or who will answer, knows where to direct it. Let's exemplify with reference data. Positioning ourselves in the upper left section we capture:

  • Pedro mendoza
  • Calle la Roca, house no. 10
  • Tenerife Canary Islands Spain -POSTAL CODE-

Addresses: is the person to whom we were sending the message, in this particular, the letter. In general measures, its correct structuring is decisive, to avoid losses. As a result, we represent an instance with hypothetical data. 

  • Maria carmona
  • La Maleta Street, no. 03, piano 05
  • -POSTAL CODE- Navarre
  • SPAIN.
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