How to extend USB extension for mobile phone without losing signal easily

Please do not be alarmed, nor do you think that performing this procedure is for people who know the technological world. None of this, we have already shown you in other articles how quick and easy it usually is, where we were able to connect two computers using this same type of USB cable for data transfer.

How to extend USB extension for mobile phone without losing signal easily

To get started, we will talk about how to extend the USB extension, using a USB extension cable. The first thing we will do is unplug one of the standard USB cables from your computer and now we will connect this end which we will call male to the female connection of the extension cable.

Now you have to connect the male end of the cable to the device, in this case to the mobile phone, this type of cable can have a length not exceeding three meters. And they are perfectly crafted to compensate for the loss of efficiency. They can also contain different ports and allow for multiple connections.

We will now use a USB extender and the first thing we will do is connect the extender to the computer via the USB port.

And then you need to connect an ethernet cable to the extender port, now you need to run the USB cable between the extender receiver and the device. The other end of the Ethernet cable and connect it to the receiver

These types of extenders are very suitable for connecting devices up to 50 meters away. Because they use to transmit data to Ethernet cables and not USB cables.

Another method to extend the USB extension for the mobile phone without losing the signal

Another method we will use is to extend the USB connection via a USB over IP converter. And to get started we unplug one end of the standard USB cable, then plug it into the IP converter. Now take an Ethernet cable and plug it into the IP converter port and take the other end and plug it into your network device.

These devices are recommended when you want to connect to a network via a   USB cable. And the distances vary depending on the length of the USB cable and the Ethernet cable, which you use for the connection.

The next method we will use to extend the USB cell phone extension without losing the signal is via a wireless USB device.

To connect it we will do the following, we will take the wireless transmitter and we need to connect it to a Hub device. The next thing you should do is adjust the permissions of the devices, so that you don't have any problems with the signal.

How to extend USB extension for mobile phone without losing signal easily

Using this equipment we can wirelessly connect different devices that can be connected in this way. The important thing about this type of connection is that you can move freely, as it is free of cables.

It can support distances up to 10 meters but we recommend that you be at least three to enjoy one good signal.

In this way we have shown you the different ways that exist to be able to Extend USB extension for mobile phone without losing signal easily.

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