How to get free credits on Lovoo | Get Lovoo Premium for free

Its registration is quite fast and has a good number of people already registered who will be available to be your future contacts as you become familiar with this network. Also, it has a Premium subscription mode that offers pretty cool features for a really low price.

In addition to all of the above, when you use a platform like Lovoo to find a partner, you make sure you find the profile of the person you are really looking for, with the interests you would like that person to have, thanks to its affinity system where you can configure filters so that only the profile of the people you are interested in can find you. Likewise, you can make a detailed description of your profile and then show yourself to people who are looking for someone like you and can find you.

How to get free credits on Lovoo | Get Lovoo Premium for free

Is it possible to use Lovoo without having credits?

If possible, however, its use is quite limited, for example without a subscription you can only write to one person per day, through the messages that the platform calls "Icebreakers" which should be exploited very well in order not to spend them on people who do not share any interest with you. Furthermore, you will not be able to place yourself in a good place for match games and your chances of meeting people who can become a possible date will be reduced, however you will have access to all the basic functions of the platform.

What is the best way to earn credits on Lovoo?

There are really different ways to earn free credits in Lovoo, the first way is automatic and very simple, and that is that every day you log in to the platform, you will be awarded 5 free credits, this will only work every 24 hours so they will only give you 5 credits per day for access, but se access every day, in no time you will have accumulated some credit.

There is a section where the platform can give you up to 50 credits in one day. To qualify you need to log into your Lovoo account and go to Boxxy, here you will receive a small daily gift and by chance you could be the winner of those 50 credits, you just have to try every day by entering this section of Boxxy.

How to get free credits on Lovoo | Get Lovoo Premium for free

You also have the opportunity to earn credits by watching the videos suggested by the platform and testing the applications promoted by Lovoo, these apps and pages are available if you access your Lovoo profile settings, go to the "Credits" section and to the "Earn credits" option.. You will be redirected to the official gaming and video platform so that Lovoo can credit your account with a certain amount of credits depending on whether you try an app or another, and also according to the duration of the videos you watch.

The games you play will only give you rewards the first time you install them on your mobile, and you have to access every app you download to test, if you download the app and then delete it with the intention of downloading it again to earn more credits, the platform will detect it and will not credit you with any prizes, so make sure you learn how Lovoo works so you don't waste time with these actions.

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