How to hide age on my Tinder profile

The applications have been significantly expanded for different modalities, currently there are applications for almost anything you want. And moreover, more social networks have increased, many of them do not really know that it belongs to the term of social networks like Pinterest.

Rooted on this, more apps have also been implemented for meeting people and for having specific dates. Many walk this virtual route first because it is difficult for them to talk face to face or just experiment and learn even more. Tinder is one of them famous dating apps with many users nowadays.

It's a new way to flirt, meet, chat, have fun. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your real interests are. The important thing is to register, there is also the possibility to create an account on Tinder without my phone number or rather create a virtual number.

Basically after receiving the application, what you need is to start flirting, but in many cases we don't want our age exposed for this reason we will show you below what to do in those cases.

How to hide age on my Tinder profile

Edit my Tinder profile and hide my age

There are very few users who do not pay attention to age because in many cases when we want to flirt with someone we want to know his age and how she is physically, so for many it is quite annoying to have to show everyone their age.

We don't always go in knowing everything about the application and this is not just about matching on Tinder, but we may be even more interested in the other user and want to know their data. Unfortunately, the age cannot be hidden su tinder, but it can be changed.

Se change the age of your profile on Tinder without too much exaggeration, you can put the age you really want because in many cases it can create complexes to share how old you really are.

If you have linked your Tinder account with your Facebook account, you can change the age from Facebook and then it will appear in Tinder. There is not only this dating app, but other similar apps as well.

Options for not showing my age on Tinder

Unfortunately tinder it does not offer its users the direct option to hide a change the age, unless you changed it when you created the account. Otherwise you will not be able to perform this function from the app; But there are two main methods by which you can do this effectively; one is from Facebook and the other is creating a new user.

Change my age on Tinder by creating a new account

To be able to change your age on Tinder you need to create a new user; Here we will explain in a series of simple steps how you should do it and without any problem.

  1. Open the application and go to your profile (icon in the top left corner of the home)
  2. Then look for the gear symbol and the settings will appear
  3. Scroll up and at the end you see the "delete account" option
  4. Click on it and then accept
  5. After that, it will direct you in the beginning to log in or create a new account
  6. Select in 'create account'
  7. Fill out the form again and enter the age you want
  8. Finish the creation process and that's it, your age will be registered to the one you entered in the new account

How to hide age on my Tinder profile

Change your age on Tinder with Facebook

Another very simple option that does not require deletion of your account is to change the date from your Facebook profile; since Tinder is synchronized with the information of this social network.

For this, the first thing you should do is open your Facebook account, go to your profile and then click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen. From there you should go to 'general information', further under 'basic and contact information'.

Being there, slide the screen and scroll down until you find the date; the edit option appears in the upper right corner of this section; This is where you have to press to be able to change it. After making the change, click accept or save changes and voila, your age will also be changed in Tinder.

Hide username on Tinder

The name of our user is one of the first things we do to create our account on Tinder, it is important because all the people who are part of the application can see it, for this reason it must be a name that is really to our liking.

In this way this name represents us, it always depends on how we have our profile how few or how many attractions we can become within it. Of course if we don't like that we can change our username on Tinder.

Times have changed, they are no longer letters or emails, but through these applications we can meet many people who are close to us. We have approached by these means we can interact in the best way. 

Don't lose your profile, customize your name and change your age if they are not really satisfactory, interact more confidently and more securely.

How to hide age on my Tinder profile

 Personal information on Tinder

Many of the users who belong to this application and others like it do not rate the importance of the information we provide, there are many users starting on these social networks every day but many of us don't measure what we provide here.

It is good to know the possible consequences of publishing a lot of personal information not only on Tinder but on other platforms. It is true that creating a profile on Tinder or another involves only a few basic steps, but we must keep in mind that they store a lot of personal information.

What we don't know is that if the people who access this information le they use for other purposes, illegal organizations or purposes that in many cases we do not even finish imagining, but which it is certain that it will not bring us anything really good.

In most cases there are a lot of information displayed visible free to interpret or use, from photographs to telephone number. It is important to reserve certain personal information to avoid negative consequences. We can also choose not to meet all the requirements but only the basic ones.

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