How to make free calls from my iPhone or Android phone?

Any tool or function that contains the word "free" it attracts mobile phone users because it is synonymous with savings.

It is common knowledge that calls can be very expensive depending on the phone plan we have an agreement with and how often we use the calling service, so you should know how to make free calls from my iPhone or Android phone.

Therefore, if you have a smartphone that works with the work iPhone o Android, you can make free calls through yours Wifi connection. For this to work effectively, the Wi-Fi connection must be stable and fast.

 How to make free calls from my iPhone or Android phone?

The procedure you need to follow to make a free call depends on the system that manages yours cell phone. In this case, if you have an iPhone phone, pay attention to the advice we offer below.

How to make free calls from my iPhone or Android phone?

How to make free calls from my iPhone phone

Apple offers its customers the ability to make free calls using the Wi-Fi connection. The reason comes as a feasible way to cope with the possible drawbacks of mobile coverage in the area where you are located.

To achieve this, you need to have a version of the iPhone 5c or later and also from a compatible operator. Otherwise, you have to choose the same options that we will show you for an Android phone that you can access via iCloud.

To turn on Wi-Fi calling from iPhone, go to "Settings", then on the “Phone” option and then on “Wi-Fi Calls”. If the mobile service is available, you will see the word Wi-Fi behind the carrier name in the phone status bar.

Next, select the "call on other devices" option to allow calls on other devices. This will activate certain devices such as iPad or Macbook Pro. You can see more in relation to this topic by informing yourself about what VoWiFi calling service is and what it is for.

It is important to remember that you need to have the latest software so that you can make calls from Wi-Fi through your iPhone phone. Also, you need to log in to iCloud and FaceTime with the Apple ID you use on your iPhone if you want to activate other devices and establish telephone contact with each other.

How to make free calls from my iPhone or Android phone?

How to make free calls from my android phone

Now, if you have an Android phone, you need to go up Google Play to get one of the apps we recommend below.


Fring is an App that promises to connect you for free with any contact in your agenda via calls and / or video calls. Those who communicate with you must have the App installed on their phone in order to use it.

Communication with Fring takes place via Skype. For this reason it is necessary to register on this platform. Remember that you must have an optimal Wi-Fi connection if you want to have successful communication through this App.

Since we call the App, you should also consider using Skype to make free calls on your mobile, as it is one of the most recommended options for this purpose.


Viber is a very simple and fast application. With this App you can make free calls and send text messages. You can only communicate with other contacts in your address book who have Viber installed on their phones. In addition to calls, you can make video calls but you should know that video calls consume data.

You can download the app from Viber in the Play Store, start using it to get a great alternative to make free and high quality calls.


Rebtel is an app that offers Premium quality calls to anywhere in the world. This App it is not 100% free as it has a trial version where you can take up to 10 minutes to make free calls. Rates are then applied that depend on the user's needs and the offers that are promoted.

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