How to put or make the cursor on the PC keyboard?

It's a question similar to what functions the F1 to F12 keys perform in Windows or even how to make the greater or equal and less than or equal sign on the keyboard.

Circumflex diacritics are used in Latin, Cyrillic and Greek languages. In English, a circumflex accent is sometimes preserved when its spelling is the same as its original language, as the word for French delicacy, crème brûlée.

In the case of the lowercase i, an accepted circumflex sign replaces the period of the i. The circumflex accents are found in these uppercase and lowercase vowels: Â, â, Ê, ê, Î, î, Ô, ô, Û and û


How to put or make the cursor on the PC keyboard?

Different races for different platforms

There are various keyboard shortcuts and methods for entering or selecting the cursor on the PC keyboard, depending on the platform.

Most Mac keyboards and versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system have an accent key for inline accents, but cannot be used to accent a letter.

The caret is sometimes used in mathematical formulas or in computer programming languages. Some programs or platforms have special keystrokes for creating diacritical marks, including caret marks.

Computer Mac

You have a couple of options for entering or selecting a Mac computer keyboard.

Accent menu

its a mac, hold down a vowel as you type to create a character with the cursor.

A small accent menu window appears with several diacritical accent options, each of which has a number below to select it.

Click on the number key - in this case 3 - or select the accented version by clicking directly on the accents menu to insert a character with a caret in the test you are typing.

For the uppercase version of the character, press the key "Shift" before typing the letter you want to accentuate.


How to put or make the cursor on the PC keyboard?

Emoji and symbols

The other way to access accent marks on a Mac is through the menu Edit> Emojis and Symbols.

Open the menu and type "circumflex" in the search bar. Select the accent you want to use in the results window to open the variants of the brand name. Select one of the variations to use on the text.

Computer with Windows operating system

For those who have Windows computers, you can also put or caret on the PC keyboard.

Enable Number Lock on the numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard. Hold down the Alt key while typing the appropriate numeric code on the numeric keypad to create characters with accented accents.

In case you don't have a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard, these numeric codes probably they won't work.

The row of numbers at the top of the keyboard, above the alphabet, does not work for numeric codes.

Numeric codes for uppercase and lowercase accentuation:

  • Â=Alt+0194
  • = Alt + 0202
  • = Alt + 0206
  • = Alt + 0212
  • = Alt + 0219

Numeric codes for lowercase accents:

  • â=Alt+0226
  • к = Alt + 0234
  • = Alt + 0238
  • ô=Alt+0244
  • = Alt + 0251

Use the character map

If you don't have a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard, paste the accented characters from the Character Map, a native Windows utility that provides additional fonts for each font installed on your computer.

To access it, use the Windows search tool to find the phrase "Character map".


It is used to create almost any page you see on the web. Describe and define the content of a web page.

In HTML, i characters are rendered with caret accents by typing "&" (Amp symbol), then the letter (e, U, etc.), then " circ ", followed by ";" (a semicolon) with no space between them, such as:

  • & ecirc; = ê
  • & Ucirc; =
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