How to Record Heart Rate and Sports Activities on Xiaomi Mi Band

La Xiaomi Mi Band has become a great ally of people who closely monitor their routines. Thanks to great technological advances, these smart bracelets not only allow you to answer calls and control various options on your device, but can also be connected to your workouts and other activities.

The popularity of Xiaomi

This Asian brand has caused a stir around the world. It has positioned itself in a very short time in one of the most appreciated and productive on the market.

Its product range offers its users a wide variety of smartphones with a excellent value for money favorable to its users. The company's philosophy is to work from something small, seeking progress through the mastery of qualities.

Smart bracelets

Imagine the possibility of owning an accessory aesthetically pleasing and which in turn performs functions that were only associated with Smartphones has remained in the past.

How to Record Heart Rate and Sports Activities on Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi has teamed up with big brands like Samsung and Huawei, in developing a smart bracelet that will undoubtedly facilitate any area of ​​your daily life. Its comfortable design and incredible features allow you to activate, synchronize and monitor notifications on your mobile, Besides make calls, control music playback and create event reminders on your bracelet.

However, he focused on accurately tracking training routines. Compatible with Android and iPhone devices, this smart bracelet allows you to view your heart rate, number of beats, steps, calories burned and kilometers traveled.

How to use the Xiaomi Mi Band

First, you have to sync your smart bracelet with your mobile device.

Some applications available in the Play Store such as »My Fit», «My Body Composition Scale», «Amazfit Verge», are some that will allow you to perform this synchronization, configuring the tools to access the activity data.

Once the application is installed, the next step will be to start the synchronization, for this you need to:

  • Turn on Bluetooth and put the bracelet in setup mode.
  • Locate the downloaded application and log in with your Gmail account.
  • Press the Add button and select the device to sync.
  • When the device search is complete, select it in the app.
  • Ready! Your smart bracelet will be ready for use.

Heart rate and activity with Xiaomi Mi Band

Imagine going out for a run and at the end of your training day, you know how far you've traveled and how many calories you've burned, it would be just amazing and now it's entirely possible. The Xiaomi smart bracelet record sports activity from the moment it is put into operation and after the synchronization process.

How to Record Heart Rate and Sports Activities on Xiaomi Mi Band

Ma how do i set up the device to record my heart rate? It is advisable to do this by indicating to the SmartBand what type of activity is taking place. To do this, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Find the section » Training »In the device menu
  2. Once located in the section, various physical activity options will be displayed such as outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, walking or weight training.
  3. Next, you need to select the type of workout you will perform.
  4. The Smartband will start recording the time, the distance traveled, the steps taken and more precisely the heart rate.
  5. Once the training time is finished, you need to take a break to exit the activity by pressing and holding the bottom of the Smartband screen.
  6. Registration will remain in detail on the mobile device via the initially configured application.

Likewise, you can learn how to set an alarm or alarm on my Xiaomi Mi Band quickly and easily.

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