How to save and take care of the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery?

Luckily, following a few tips isn't hard at all to save battery on Android, especially a Samsung Galaxy S10. Next, we will talk in detail about everything you can do to save a lot of battery and without having to install third-party applications.

This way you don't have to constantly think about charging the device and we also take care of the useful life of the battery so that our Samsung lasts a long time.

Follow these tips to the letter that we will give you a little below and you will see that the autonomy of your Samsung improves considerably. We will see step by step what is the best thing you can do to do make your battery last longer.

How to save and take care of the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery?

Tricks to save battery on Samsung Galaxy S10

Dark mode

Thanks to One UI Samsung we can activate dark mode throughout the system. That disables the vast majority of pixels on the AMOLED screen. Not only will it help us not to strain our eyes too much, but it will also save us battery, because it will require less brightness added to the deactivation of the pixels. You can activate this mode from Settings.

Resolution change

Obviously, the higher the resolution of a device, the greater the power needed, the greater the battery consumption. The good thing about the Galaxy S10 is that they have the ability to change the screen resolution, which we rarely have the opportunity to change.

If we go up Settings> Display> Screen Resolution. We can choose between HD, Full HD or WQHD resolution. Obviously the lower resolution will help you with the battery. However, with Full HD it can mean a noticeable change in this regard without having to sacrifice so much resolution.

How to save and take care of the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery?

How to save and take care of the Galaxy S10 battery

Beware of applications

There are many applications that consume too much battery. Without going too far, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger can consume a large amount of battery. Too much mobile data if we're not careful.

Fortunately for each of them there is a light version, released by Facebook itself and designed for those people who do not want to consume too many resources on their mobile device (data, storage, performance, etc.) just uninstall the aforementioned apps and install Facebook Lite , Instagram Lite and Messenger Lite. You will notice a noticeable change.

Always on display

This mode consumes the battery by keeping the screen always on. It may have a fairly small impact on it, but added to the rest of the advice we're giving you in this article, I can assure you it makes a big difference.

The best thing is to disable it permanently, luckily that's pretty easy to do, since we have to go up Settings> Lock Screen> Always On Display And that's it.

Adaptive battery

The adaptive battery makes use of an artificial intelligence able to learn from the uses we give to our device during the day.

In this way, the longer we use our device, the artificial intelligence can create a pattern and adapt to what we do to use the energy needed for each situation. It is very easy to activate and all we have to do is go up Settings> Support> Battery, It's that simple.

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