How to split your iPhone screen easily

We can split the screen of our device in a very simple way to be able to give it multiple uses at the same time, keep in mind that this will lead to increase ram memory and that if it is not optimal you can suffer from moments where it slows down and costs work to perform both operations with fluidity.

When will we have the latest version of iOs 13 we can start enjoying this multitasking tool, in versions prior to the aforementioned it will be impossible to use the iPhone with a double window, they will have to update their device and then they will be able to access this tool.

To be able to split the screen inside the iPhone we need to make sure that this function is activated in the configuration of Dock.

How to activate multitasking mode on iPhone?

  1. Let's go in in the option » Configuration »Within our iOs mobile device.
  2. Inside we will go to the 'Home and Dock screen' option where we will look for the option for enable split screen.
  3. The option we will choose is " multitasking »And there we will activate the controls that are 3, which will allow us to access the split screen, at PiP and gestures.How to split your iPhone screen easily
  4. The screen divided of an iPad can be very simple if you do the above steps, the large size of this device can be better used for use with several applications at the same time, it will provide greater agility and speed of use between applications.

How to use multitasking mode on iPhone?

  1. First we need to plan which applications we will use in the split dock, for this we need to organize ourselves and keep selected each application that will go to the dock and drag this application to the dock on the left side.
  2. We will only use the left side of the dock, because on the right side we get the recent applications.
  3. When you start the multitasking mode we can configure its size between 25×25 or 50×50, this must be decided and therefore be comfortable in navigation.
  4. When we select the application in a However,, we can move the second application and insert locations between applications.
  5. When you open the first application in the dock you will see that you can place it either on the one hand and on the other, you will choose the one that suits you best and then you can also change them between them.
  6. You have the option of remove temporarily an application from the dock, you just have to click on the gray bar that appears and drag it to temporarily close the application, when you want to reuse it you can deploy the application using the same bar.
  7. When we want to disable this multitasking function within our device iOS we have to go to "Settings" and from there disable the function.

Move content between multitasking windows

We can manipulate the content between open windows in multitasking mode within iPhone.

  • We just have to stay press and hold the content such as videos, images, files, texts and drag it to the next window.
  • Text movements from a file to an email or a text message on our mobile, really useful for sharing content between the two windows at the same time.
  • They can also drag more than one content, i.e. with one finger we select a file and with another finger we select a file at the same time second file to drag it to the next window.

Although on the screen dell’iPhone we will see everything smaller and maybe we can not perform so many tasks but on one iPad would be spectacular to perform this multitasking option, where you can be with two screens and it feels like you have two devices in yourself, doing multiple tasks at the same time.

If you need a more detailed example, you can use multi-window screen on iPhone, you can access the hyperlink that we have left you, so you will have the complete security of applying this advantageous option on your mobile.

How to split your iPhone screen easily

If this article was useful for you to learn how to easily split your iPhone screen and you need to know more about iPhone, we invite you to enter and find many other guides, how to open two or more applications at the same time. on Android phones., and therefore do not limit your learning to Apple devices only, we are sure that you will also have a device with this mobile operating system available.

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