Merge Audio Online - Combine Songs for Free

Of course, these programs may be easy to apply and get sound combinations, but they won't get the desired results. For this reason we want to show you a tutorial that will explain the steps to follow for merge audios online, combine songs for free.

It is very common that we find ourselves making our own tracks audio and we want to combine two or more different songs and we don't know how. That's why we created this tutorial in so that you know how to merge audios online.

So that we can get work that is worthwhile without having a clue how to accomplish these audio combinations. We offer you an application that you do not need to download to your computer. And that it will be totally free and very easy to use by anyone who dares to carry out this type of project.

Merge Audio Online - Combine Songs for Free

Merge audio online combine songs for free

If we want merge audio online, combine songs for free   without us having any problem, we will learn it with the use of an online application. To access this page you can do it through the following link. When you enter the page, you can see that you can do a lot of other work on it.

How to cut audio, convert audio, perform video conversion, cut video, record voice and compress audio to MP3. In our cases we will explain how the songs are combined, so the first thing you have to do is go to the page and choose the option which is in the upper left that says Combine songs.

Performing this action will take us to another page and we will have to wait for it to load, once loaded we will find the option Add tracks. Let's click on it and it will take us to the our files to find the track or song. We select it and then click Open, it will start loading the track and we will have to wait for this action to complete.

When it's loaded, we'll choose which part of this track we want combine with another track that we will then load into the application. We can also see that at the beginning of the track and at the end you can choose the audio fade options. This option allows the music to start from the bottom upward and even to the end.

We suggest you have these options activated, if you can notice that there are arrows that are at the beginning and end of your tracks. These can be moved so that you can select the section of the track that you want to merge with the other track. Also if you want you can choose the complete track, it will all depend on which section of the song you want to merge.

You can combine as many tracks as you want

After making your choice of track section, you need to select another one track, you do this by clicking on the Add Track option. This will take you to your files, choose and then click apri. The download of your new track will start, when it is loaded we will proceed in a similar way as we did with the previous track.

And now you can click on the play option to hear the combination of your audios. Here, if you wish, you can continue adding the tracks you want and you will do the same with each track, download and then select which section of the song you want to match.

Finally, all you have to do is click on the option Participate, this will take you to another page and show you a bar indicating the status of the audio merging. This process can take several minutes depending on the weight of the files and the connection speed. And finally click on the option Download.

Merge Audio Online - Combine Songs for Free

When you do this, you will be presented with a box with the options Open With and Save With, select Save As and you will have your track on your computer. And in this way you were able to know how to merge audio online, combine songs for free.

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