Stylus on PC, tablet or mobile phone: use, types and which one to choose

The written expression o representative through the design has accompanied by humanity from remote evolutionary origins, writing has become art, and drawing, there is no need to remember it, is art. At the dawn of modernity, you want to have the best programs for drawing on a Windows PC, to apply the same desire to have the best applications for drawing on the iPhone to other preludes.

Which shows that digital adopts all aspects of life, as an enhancement or as a connection of use, for example actions such as handwriting on a mobile phone or a Tablet, or carrying the graphic art in a new dimension and use the best applications to learn drawing anime on tablet or mobile, it will be an example of the relationship between progress and connection.

This link between the physical and the digital will deserve tools, and one of the most requested will be the stylus, Then we will analyze everything about its functioning, the existing typology and, of course, we will leave an appreciation on which they are the best.

How a stylus works on my touch device

The spectrum of use of the stylus is applicable to many aspects of daily life and specialized tasks. They they are a useful tool when used for common or routine use, as many users express their attraction to using the stylus on cell phones, as it allows them greater precision when pressing small items.

If we refer to the use of this well-versed element, within the field of elements such as Tablet, we will notice that its request grows, both for reasons of convenience when scrolling a larger screen, but above all for business reasons. There are countless nascent uses of the how this element works in Tablets, from the corporate sphere, such as the design and creation of virtual material.

On the other hand, in the PC, it becomes with specialized nuances, since it will be used mainly for the operation of advanced design elements, both in the field of drawing and in graphic design, by means of an element adapted to the PC, called a graphic tablet. What makes the stylus an instrument of the highest technology and precision.

Stylus on PC, tablet or mobile phone: use, types and which one to choose

What is a capacitive stylus?

They are a type of digital pen that cannot be touch sensitive; that is to say, it has a substantially similar function to any person's fingers. Works on all kinds of passive screens (which you can control with your fingers); It is also very easy to use and you will definitely benefit from it.

One of its main features is that its tip tends to be a bit thicker like its body; so it is of great help for people with large hands or who cannot fit a small or thin stylus. However, with technological advances and user needs, some brands have developed it with a lighter body shape and a fine tip, making it ideal for more touch sensitive screens.

What types of stylus are there?

Its typology tends to be discussed among themselves, and it is designated by two categories, or opt for broader aspects and call for a specialization in three typological branches. But this happens without too many disparities, since they all focus on the two aspects or branches denoted by their use and their characteristics, those of the active branch, or of specialized use, or those of the passive branch or of routine use.

The stylus manages to have categories based on its usefulness, components and internal system. We present below the three main classifications of this type of commonly used digital pens.

Traditional stylus pen

In the space of the specialized or active typology, the pen for professional use or corporate. Where the characteristics of the same, it will be focused on its precision and high efficiency for activities of an artistic nature, graphics or similar spaces. So it will be more recurrent use on PC or Tablet.

It is one of the most commercial and used ; because it is compatible with countless electronic devices (phones, tablets, computers, Nintendo DS, etc…); It has a pressure system and its application tends to be very comfortable. Its physical characteristics are:

  • Finished
  • nice point
  • Short size (about 7cm)
  • Light

Active stylus pen

Active stylus pens are powered by technology and batteries. Having a much more sophisticated system than the others, its physical condition and design make it bigger and a little heavier than normal. It also has the distinction of working on any digital screen, including LCD televisions.

On the other hand, it is of great importance that you know that this type of Stylus pen is able to detect the palm of the user's hand and the position in which it is located; this is due to the high range of technology available. In turn, it tends to perform command functions like a mouse or keyboard that work for PCs.

Stylus on PC, tablet or mobile phone: use, types and which one to choose

Passive stylus pen

On the other hand, in routine or passive preludes, their use is focused on general media such as mobile phones, where the required precision will not require financial aspects, that is, it will not depend in those cases on the creation of commercial material, or on a quality highly worn, like se fosse opera d'arte. Its use is mainly for the convenience of bulky mobile phones or tablets.

The main feature of the latter is that it doesn't have any kind of technology and it doesn't work even under pressure. Unlike the others, it is not that small and its tip is rubber and round; making it perfect for contacting all kinds of digital displays. However, it is not very functional as it does not move easily and only acts as a pointer.

Can I use a universal pen or do I need the brand of the tablet?

Many users always tend to be confused as to which stylus they should be able to use with their tablets and other digital devices. In this sense, the first thing from take into account is compatibility device screen. Another highlight is the composition and composition system of the pen and finally see the brand of the tablet.

Then, depending on these characteristics, you will use the appropriate pencil. In various situations, the universal or traditional tends to serve ; but otherwise they require a specialized one, an active or passive stylus pen. But in special cases such as that of the Wacom brand, the stylus of the same brand is necessarily needed, since it does not work with any other type of digital pen.

Buying guide: how to choose one?

Based on the needs and utility you can give it, we will give you enough advice so that you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. Therefore, basic characteristics such as those explained below must be taken into account.

Dimensions and weight

This can vary due to the amount of time you spend on it. If you are a designer, architect or engineer, preferably look for one that is a bit long but light enough from do not tire your hand quickly. But in the case of not giving it prolonged use for a good time, you can buy the one that suits your style and you can completely master it with your own hands.

Stylus on PC, tablet or mobile phone: use, types and which one to choose

Type of technology you use

Here it is very important that you know what the purpose of using the stylus is. If it's just about playing games, performing simple functions and also hardly using it, then you don't need to have such advanced technology, just something basic and elementary to perform common functions.

However, if you need to give it more use and use it for tasks that require greater precision and more advanced technological development; So you should consider buying one that is of the active stylus type, so that you get more benefits and perform a lot more in your work.


This criterion is already personal and customary. There are two main types of tips: fine and round. They are used for their intended purpose, but generally most users require a fine tip; as the round one is not very functional and they can't get more out of it.

Pressure level

Pressure isn't that important to many users; however, it is a factor that can be detrimental if we do not know what is needed for the activities we do. This is related to the friction given on the screen of the devices touch that you use. If this is low, the stylus will not be accurate enough; therefore it is necessary that they are balanced for their work to be ideal.

Appreciation on which are the best stylus pens?

The abstract concept of improvement will depend on the intended use of the stylus, so this will directly affect the brand, the specifications and the desired accuracy. In general terms, the most requested on the market is the Ciscle Stylus, but there are others that deserve equal attention.

Among these we will find models such as the Mixoo, which is a great competitor for its great commercial balance between cost and quality offered. The Zspeed is also added, whose precision for drawing is in great demand by those who opt for this area of ​​use.

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