Wearables: allies in safety and health

The technological advances achieved in recent years have made it possible to create a series of smart electronic devices that are identified as wearable and used as part of the accessories you use on a daily basis.

Wearables: allies in safety and health

Take wearables everywhere

Usually they are electronic devices that have software through which their information is managed on a utility basis they represent, as they are generally worn attached to the body as watches, glasses, sneakers and many others.

Some are intended to take care of your health, while others may include a GPS system that lets you know where you are or that you can be located in case of loss.

In this post we will introduce you to some of the wearable devices necessary for your safety.

What is a wearable?

Perhaps you have heard the term wearable referred to as “wear” and this is precisely the use that is given to smart devices that identify themselves with this name.

Currently the mobile phone has become a wearable accessory and in the same way these electronic devices are used, which offer a variety of benefits for both your health and safety, wherever you are.

They, together with the mobile phone, are essential accessories to keep you connected, monitor your physical condition and locate you geographically through the GPS system. In short, technological marvels.

advantages of wearable devices

  • Stay connected.
  • Improve your physical performance without putting your health at risk.
  • Issue reminder alerts when you need to consume a drug.
  • Precisely indicate where you are.

You never know when you could get into an accident or expose yourself to a dangerous situation, but with a watch-type wearable you can communicate quickly by pressing the "SOS" button and the signal will be received by Movistar Prosegur Alarmas Contigo who will send you help right away where you are.

What are wearable devices used for?

Wearable devices are currently being created to provide their services to people of any age and in different spheres of life, whether at home, educationally or professionally.

Some of them are ideal for taking care of your health, in fact they are usually used by athletes and the elderly, since offer a convenient and effective way to monitor your heart rate, pulse or tension ; thus avoiding that people make efforts beyond their physical possibilities.

This type of device is worn on the wrist in the form of a watch and allows you to time also distance traveled, calories burned and other elements associated with your physical condition.

These devices, especially if equipped with GPS, they allow you to locate people when they are in risky situations or where you need to keep in constant contact to perform public service functions, such as firefighters or police officers, whose activities require you to know your location at all times.

Undoubtedly, in the field of medicine these accessories are making a difference, because with them it is possible to control the level of glucose in the blood or use them as an external element to control the heart rate of any patient.

Essentially they offer constant monitoring and are also a personal safety feature to take care of your health.

Wearables: allies in safety and health

Wearables will make your life easier

Models available in today's market

You will find wearables in the form of a bracelet or rings, who take action to provide information through their screen.

In the same way, there are others with special formats for workers who need to have some protection during their activities, such as helmets or safety glasses.

Wearables are so new that some can be placed on a child's foot or wrist to monitor their body temperature and provide parents with an alarm notification on their mobile phone in case their temperature rises.

How to choose the appropriate wearable?

You already know that the wearable is a device that you will take with you everywhere, so you just have to choose one that fits your pace of life, has a design that matches the rest of your clothing and that has the functions that allow you to stay. connected and safe at all times.

Learn how to operate your device through its intuitive software and take full advantage of all its benefits, including the ability to call for help in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Technology offers you increasingly practical security solutions and wearables are undoubtedly one of them, take advantage of it.

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