What are all of Apple's products, tools, and services?

Mobile devices

In the line of mobile devices of high-end we will find the famous " iPhone ", this terminal has been the one that has achieved the greatest worldwide recognition as its core functions have managed to attract users from all over the world, causing an impact on the mobile device sector. If you have just bought an iPhone mobile, the first thing to do is to set it up to start using it.

What are all of Apple's products, tools, and services?

iPhone stands out for its simplicity and great aesthetics where three products are combined in the same equipment, a mobile device which in turn works like an iPod on a large screen, with sensitive controls and an Internet communication device that features web browsing, maps , e-mail, search, among other things, can introduce the user to a modern interface based on a multi-touch display.


Apple developed and designed the family of computers known as the "Mac" and which has been heard of because they stand out by unifying a fully competent Apple hardware design that is already shown in different designs, offering the same overall functionality. This facilitates access to the network, the use of word processors, the playback of audio and video, games and other tools.

Mac stands out for being a beautifully designed computer which provides security to its users and a capable resistance to virtual viruses that it has from its own policies, generated by the efficiency of detecting any threat without resorting to an external program.


Apple tablets are identified as "IPad" where it refers to its complete family of devices positioned between a Smartphone and a laptop, it is managed by touch controls that display intuitive software, managing to offer users to stay connected to the network.

This device is focused on accessing the Internet rather than creating applications and themes, iPads today manage to obtain a touch-sensitive screen of about 25 cm and provide a memory capacity between 16, 32 and 64 GB with WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology that integrates internet browsing through the program Safari that we can buy from the Apple Store,  ideal for enjoying video games, reading books and watching videos.


In App Store or Apple application store we will be able to search and download applications that are compatible with the operating system on the iPod, iPad and iPod touch, developed by iOS SDK and published by from Apple.

Among its general characteristics we can find the fact that it is acquired completely free of charge, although it also has applications that can be purchased by the user. Today the App Store has more than 2 million applications available for iOS devices.

What are all of Apple's products, tools, and services?


Apple software has to offer its millions of users programs compatible with the iOS operating system and we will name you the main ones.

  • iTunes: This program allows us to play music, video and multimedia content, as well as manage video and audio devices.
  • Safari: the stellar browser of Apple devices, with a simple and intelligent aesthetic.
  • Quicktime: A set of libraries and frameworks that allow users to transmit multimedia information with ease, using a high Internet speed, also works for video and audio playback.
  • iCloud: Apple's cloud storage system which manages to group the information on the Internet of all its users, as a safe platform for backing up information.
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